Scam!!!! help pls..

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  1. This is so obvious a scam. I have a ipod for sale and the buyer use the buy it now option, and it is no longer register user. In my listing, I require 10+ feedback, and this buyer has 0.

    Will eBay let me to relist the item without charging another listing fee? What should I do?

    Here is the email I received from the buyer: (Everyone be aware if you received such email).

    Greettings.I am Christopher Martins from New York, but Presently i am leading a conventional church program in London. I saw your item below and i will like to buy it for my Son that will be starting a Computer science course in University AGUSAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL,Nigeria Next week.I will Pay up with the shipping charges.Moreover i would have prefer to send you a cheque but simply because i want you to ship the item first thing tomorrow morning, i will be sending you payment via PayPal,so make sure you get the package ready for tomorrow shipment ?And kindly send me your paypal email address so i can make the payment right away. .Best regard
    Chris B. Martins
  2. Whenever I saw Nigera, I felt the scam. As long as the account is un-registered, you are not obligated to complete the transaction. Your final fee will be refunded, but I don't think you could get your listing fee back; unless you relist it and sold it the second time.
  3. Alot of eBay scams are from Nigeria. It makes me wonder why they like scamming on eBay so much :shrugs: to the point that they have a reputation!
  4. Yes - the Nigeria scam is a well used one on Ebay. Next time you relist, make sure you tick the 'immediate payment required' option for the buy it now. That way your listing will only be sold once somebody has actually paid for it with Paypal.

    It doesn't protect you against all scams, but should protect you against the Nigerian one.

    Oh - and you should be able to file for your final value fees immediately if the person is NARU. On the drop down list in your 'sold' items, tick report an unpaid item & follow the instructions.
  5. Thanks everyone! How do I relist this without a charge if it is sold in the next round? Thank you!
  6. My thoughts exactly on the Nigeria thing. My sister listed a Wii a long time ago, and some person did the BIN and wrote a very similar e-mail. Low and behold, he said he was from Nigeria as well.

    Also, when you list your item, you can block 0 feedback bidders or negative feedback bidders from bidding. That's what I do.
  7. Thanks! :smile:
  8. That sucks, if you only accept paypal as a payment you can require that buyers pay immediately with BIN, to prevent this sort of thing from happening.
  9. hi again, I looked and not sure how to block 0 and negative feedback bidders. Where can I select this option? Thanks a ton!
  10. In terms of getting your listing fees back, it's supposed to credit the second listing fee automatically if you use the relist option and then it sells the second time around, but you have to watch out because i've heard sometimes it's not as automatic as eBay claims!
  11. You can't block zero fb buyers. You can block -1 and worse in your "seller preferences" in My Ebay. Immediate payment required is a good option to have on high risk items/auctions. Because the bidder is NARU, you can file and close your claim right away. You will get your FVF back.
  12. Strongly agree! Scammer allert, beware and skip him! :push:
  13. If you make certain changes in the relist it won't allow you the credit.
  14. The FBI has a special webpage dedicated to just scams from Nigeria. Horrible.
  15. Hi. You can go ahead & file a payment not received right now. Then as you go through the menus, ebay will give you immediate credit because the person is NARU. I just had one this week.