SCAD scarf colorway question

  1. I need help from anyone who's seen or owns the Salt Marsh/Savannah College of Art and Design scarf.

    It comes in 3 colorways: Aubergine and blue, orange and blue, and green (in pics, on my monitor, it looks sorta like a cross between chartreuse and vert anis)

    Here's a small pic of all 3 side by side:

    Anyone with opinions on these? Does one of these colorways work better than the others IRL?

    I gravitate toward strong colors, so any of these would work with my taste. I just don't want to buy one that looks fine in a pic and not as pretty in person, and I'm just not going to fly to Georgia for a scarf. I do have my limits here.

    TIA, y'all. :flowers:
  2. GGA,

    These were done a few years ago. The article is from 2004. Are you looking to buy from a reseller?
  3. gga, as Q'sMom pointed out, these were issued several years ago and are now quite difficult to find. I think it a very striking scarf. I happen to own the aubergine colorway and love it, especially since the beautiful blue is what is near my face when I tie it. Here's a picture I previously posted of it being used as the background for my gold Bolide:

  4. ^^^Oh, Maggie, lucky you!!!

    gga, these pop up every once in a while on eBay. I think I saw ONE last year. Maggie's right, they're hard to find.

    Great, we probably caused a run on these scarves.:s
  5. Maggie, stunning! Love your Bolide too.
  6. That's right, HG. Now there won't be ONE left in the entire world! Not even in my home town of...........Alaska!!!!
  7. maggieD you have the BEST pictures! that's my favorite picture of a b...scarf, of a scarf, best all time picture of a scarf, yessirree.
    and absolutely gorgeous bolide aside, that is a really gorgeous scarf.
    imo, gga, the scarf is gorgeous, period. so in any colorway, you can't go wrong.
  8. Rose and HH, thanks for the compliment on the scarf and my photography. LOL--I am only able to take photos of inanimate objects. If I try and take one of myself (for the in action thread) or anything else that moves, then forget it!

    gga and hg, even though I have fam. . . er, I mean, friends that live in Savannah, somehow I missed buying this when it was originally issued. I was fortunate enough to finally convince a fellow scarf collector to part with this silken jewel which I now really, truly do treasure. Good luck with your hunt, gga!
  9. Maggie You have exquisite taste! And you must have a stunning scarf collection!
  10. What gorgeous scarf designs.
    I used to live in Savannah (for 2 years) so I should get one.
  11. Aww, s'mom, you are so kind. :blush: I do have a nice collection (if I do say so myself) but I know of several collectors--maybe even you, perhaps?--whose collections dwarf mine! Now that I have ventured into the world of Hermes bags, I am thinking of thinning the ranks of my scarves some to help fund the bags. But that SCAD scarf is never leaving my collection!

    Sus, if you can find one, you should definitely get one! I also like the fact that besides Kermit Oliver, I believe the 2 SCAD scarf designs (the silk carre and the cotton one) are the only scarves made by Hermes that were designed by an American artist. I'm sure HG can correct me if I'm wrong about that.
  12. ^^^Yep, you're right about the American artists.
  13. Wow Maggie and HG, I did not know that Kermit Oliver was American. You alll are so knowledgable.
  14. ^Not just an American, but as I recently mentioned to Vista on her "enamel or bangle" thread, a fellow Texan. There was a special exhibit in 2005 at the Houston Museum of Art honoring his work.