Say hi to Milo!!!

  1. this is 8 week old Yorkie/Maltese Mix... nicknamed "Morkie" lol I just brought him home today he's so laid back, he loves to sleep, but he also likes to run and bark... I have two other dogs, so far my maltese/shih tzu Dooney(2 1/2 years old) is accepting of him, but my pure bred Yorkie Walter(9 months old) is still trying to warm up to him...I think I have to get Walter fixed, to calm down his instincts to "dominate" the puppy...I'm sure those of you with multiple dogs understand what I mean...and if you have any tips feel free to drop them here!!!

  2. OMG, SOOOO cute!!!
  3. :tender::love: Sooooo cute!!!
  4. Cute! What a lovely doggie family you have!
  5. Congrats - Very Cute!
  6. Awww, he is gorgeous! :heart:
  7. Milo is adorable!
  8. Too cute! I love the name Milo for a doggie too.
  9. Milo is a cutie!
  10. Adorable!!!
  11. :love My suggestions since you will have multiple male dogs now, is to get them fixed asap. It may not guarantee anything but there WILL be a marking war going on. I wish you the best of luck.
  12. SOOOOOOOOOO CUte! Congrats on the new addition!! :smile:
  13. Congrats! What a cutie! Milo is my favorite boy dog name!
  14. my older dog is fixed... and the puppy is too young to be fixed i have to wait till 6 months... he actually doesnt mark...he's pretty well trained on the paper i cant believe he didnt "go" on the carpet last night, he slept on his blanket...and i took him out pretty early and he went outside... the woman i purchased him from was excellent... i need to give her a hug lmao
  15. SO SO adorable!! congrats~