Say Hello to Bella!

  1. This is my Maltese "Bella" :flowers: She's 2 years old. I just wanted to share a pic of her - thanks for looking! :love:
  2. She's the cheeriest, cutest looking little girl:love: :love: :love:
  3. So cute! Reminds me of my Bichon!
  4. Awe-I love maltese's! My neighbor has a malti-poo-it is the cutest thing!
  5. aww..she's so darling. Thanks for sharing!
  6. What a cutie!!
  7. She's beautiful!:love: Great pic!
  8. Awww! How cute! Fellow dog lover here! This is my baby, Sam.

  9. Both are cuties!
  10. Sooooo cute!
  11. Awww these doggies are just perfect!
  12. Ahhh Bella is just adorable, really makes me miss my Misty. She was a Maltese too. And Prada Psycho, your doggy is a real cutie pie!! I would like to introduce you to my Shih Tzu Chloe!:love:
  13. how adorable,cute and cuddly. thanks everyone for sharing.
    do you spoil them as much as i spolid my ramsey?
  14. Shamefully so! He is obedience trained though, I do draw my "spoil line" when it comes to bad behavior! Sam's so spoiled he has his own webpage:

    Not even my DAUGHTER has her own webpage!!:shame:
  15. Bella, Sam, and Chloe are adorable! You have great-looking pets, ladies!