Sawgrass Mill Outlet Last Call NM

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm in Wellington, FL (near Palm Beach well sort of) and I just visited the Sawgrass Mill NM Last Call Outlet today. I was very surprised to find two pairs of Chanel ballerinas: one was dark silver leather with satin cap and black leather toe, the other was a navy blue satin with blue tulle ruffle and a little CC with crystals on the ruffle. I wasn't sure if I was going to buy them, but the deal was so good so I bought them both. I'll post pictures and prices when I return July 8.\

    However, if anyone is in the neighborhood, there is a pair of black high heel (wide heel) platform shoes in black (lambskin or patent - can't remember) that have a multicolor strip (red, white, yellow, etc.) like a bar code on the platform strip. I think they were size 11, but I suppose if anyone was interested they could call the store.

    I'll give you an update of any other finds.
  2. thanks for the info. Congrats on your new ballerinas.
  3. Can't wait to see your pics! Congratulations
  4. Congrats! Also can't wait for pics!
  5. congrats!
  6. congrats! If you don't mind posting how much they were and what the regular price was. I am just getting into Chanel shoes and wanted to get a feel for the prices. Thanks!
  7. Congrats! please post them as I will be probably traveling to Florida and Sawgrass later in July!
  8. Sorry it took so long to post. After returning from Florida, I was hard at work posting items on Bonanzle and eBay. Any gals with the dog tag charm bracelet? They go clink clink when I took it out of the dust bag. Not for me. It reminds me of belly dancers (not that that's bad - it's great exercise).

    I wish I had more time to spend at Sawgrass. There were tons of lovely dresses, but I only had an hour and a half (actually less because it took about 20 minutes waiting in the checkout line). I didn't have any time to see if there was any RTW.

    The shoes were probably floor models as the soles do not show wear, but on the black shoes, there are a few light shiny scuffs which wouldn't be seen unless your face was at floor level.

    The navy blue satin shoes fit (size 36). I wear 36 1/2 in the leather ballerinas if I want a more roomy fit. I wasn't going to keep the blue since I don't have any blue dressy clothes, much less a handbag, but the sales person said they would look great with jeans. He had a good point. They would definitely dress up my denim skirts.

    So the black stretch satin with dark silver metallic leather & caps fit the length but not my right foot. Unfortunately, I have a freakishly wider right foot (I have to go up to 1/2 to 1 whole size in hockey skates and other shoes to be comfortable). I'm debating whether I should keep them, I'd have to lose about 25 lbs for them to fit properly. I have to do that anyways, but hey, that would be months from now.

    So should I return them? Sell them? Please advise


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  9. One more pic

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  10. Soo cute love them both!! Congrats.
  11. Love them both- wish they were my size! If they don't fit I would definitely sell them. If the blue one's fit, I would keep em, they are unique!
  12. I think they are both adorable. If you could somehow make them fit I would keep both.

    Is Sawgrass that much cheaper than retail?
  13. I don't have much experience with Chanel shoe prices. I only have two pairs of boots (the suede Louis IV? ones and the black and white cage booties). I also have two pairs of white and black CC ballerinas: one I paid full price $500? and the other I bought about $250?.

    The black stretch satin & dark silver leather ballerinas cost $273 and the blue satin ones $407.72 so I don't know if these are a bargain, but I love the ruffles and mini CC charms with the navy/denim crystals in them.

    I'm sure other shoe fashionistas can comment.

    As for the dresses, the sale prices are outstanding. I saw one of the dresses that I own on sale for half the price (I'm sad - but at least I have one that fits).

    I found Christian Louboutin shoes under $300 (I wish my feet would fit), Christian Dior, & Manolo Blahnik at extremely reasonable prices (like Stuart Weitzman's)
  14. Hi malinda

    At the chanel outlet in upstate new york they had the satin ones in a creamy beige for $380 a couple of months ago. Congrats on your lovely shoes. and thanx for the last call tip.
  15. I checked my receipt. The satin ones cost about the same amount. I forgot to deduct tax from the former quoted price.

    I wish we had a Chanel outlet near me. Or at least a functional website so we could purchase items. Or an outlet Chanel personal shopper - hint hint to an entreprenerial person. I'd pay a bit extra to find what I was looking for. And as far as I know, the outlets/ Last Call Centers don't take orders over the phone.

    At least we have wonderful tpf members who post sale items and store inventories. We really have the best people here.