Saw this today at Chanel...maybe next time?

  1. When I was picking up my Jumbo flap this morning, I saw this on display...and oooo...I was in heaven! Unfortunately, I can't afford two luxury bags in the same, sigh, perhaps next time? :love:
  2. ugh! the problem is I want everything!!:nuts::nuts:
    I get one and I want another ...can't stop at just one. Worse than junk food!
  3. amen to that, sister!
  4. Is that the Large Diamond Stitch tote pictured on Audrina?
  5. yup
  6. I own it and love it, is one of my everydays bags:smile:, and Congrats on your new Jumbo flap:smile:
  7. How is the durability of the leather on the Diamond tote? The SA said its not as sturdy as Caviar..
    I love the zip top and the roominess!
  8. Did you happen to see the price on that bag? Curious if they've increased it...
  9. God, I love that bag!

  10. It was like $1995 from the tag..
  11. Is sturdy as it get of course not like caviar leather, but good, is one my everyday bags that and the jumbo flap (I had purchased the GST but returned it because it felt just too bulky for me) and the DS tote is just felt right, is very roomy,and it "mold" to your body and you dont feel like to you doing traffic signals lol.;)

    btparty- the price still $1995
  12. Do you know how long it will be available? The SA said it was new and part of the 'resort line'?
  13. The DS ligne was introducted in 2006, and it was re-released for Fall 2007 that's when I purchased mine in October 07 part of fall 07 season, now it's been release again for resort 08, so I dont know if after resort 08 will be avail until next season or next fall again.
  14. does this bag only come in black?
  15. i love the DS tote! i own the small one but gave it to my mom in exchange for a patent (yes i'm a sucker for patent lol) shopping tote from '07 Cruise. i got the DS tote in Jan if i recall correctly so i suppose mine's from '06 since it's slower for the goods to arrive here. anyhoo, it's such a gorgeous bag and i never knew the chains could be removed through the holes and the color, looks so grey even when it's black! love the distressed/washed look too, that was how i fell for my baby cabas! :graucho: