Saw this picture online. ... Japan

  1. Has anyone seen it before?
  2. nop? why?
  3. I was curious since it was on a poster site. I love LV but would not buy this poster. Maybe I need one with just a LV bag, lol
  4. Oh and it is 24 x 18 inches for
    $54.99 Yikes I think that is a lot for what it is. It said the title is school girls with Louis Vuitton
  5. i think the price is for the girls :wtf:
  6. Love it!!! I WANNA GO TO TOKYO SOOO BAD, those girls look hot with their LV's. 2 kewl.
  7. LOL that is too funny. I saw this on's website and I thought that I would NEVER put it on my wall!
  8. esp for the one on the far right...(look at how shes posed) its quite wrong. haha:nuts:
  9. yikes i missed that! It is a bit vile:wtf: :throwup: