Saw the new Hudson bag at Nordies today and

  1. Virgo, Chili Hudson's very nice. Several members already got theirs, check out the pictures. =)

    If anyone's looking for Chili Hudson from Nordstrom, its Downtown Seattle store has a few. Their number is (206)628-1253, ask for Peggy who has them on hold under Ken for the weekend.
  2. My Nordies has all of the colors as of now. Just don't take mines.
  3. Elongreach, have you decided whether you will get Hudson over Edith? Which color did you like the most?
  4. I decided on the Hudson, I just haven't gone and bought it yet. I want the one that is a really dark brown almost black with tan strips. I don't know the exact name of the color though. I failed to look at the tag. That's unusual because I always do the quick scoop of the tag.
  5. If you want the Hudson or one of the newer fall styles of MJ, Nordstroms in SD had quite a few. They had the Hudson in chili, tan and black. They also have that MJ bag that has a "tie" closure. Give them a call--their number is 619.295.4441. Ask for Joseph--he's the best SA out there.
  6. I bought my Hudson thru MJ store in NY I didnt have to pay sales tax...
  7. I love it! I got my Chili Hudson at the MJ store in San Francisco. :flowers:
  8. Nordstroms doesn´t ship to Finland, among other stores :sad:
  9. We discovered that the Nordies Hudsons have teal leather and canvas lining whereas the MJ stores have full teal leather lining. You may want to keep that in mind if you purchase this bag.