Saw the grossest "speedy" today

  1. It was much smaller than a 25, but not as small as the mini. It had LV's like the mono, but rather than the quatrefoils & flowers, it had moons & stars & all the stitching was coming loose. Ugh! :yucky::wtf::throwup:

    I know this one was definitely fake, but was there ever such a bag made by LV?
  2. ICK! Most DEFINITELY NOT ever made by LV!!
    It's one of those fakes that think they can get by because they're "inspired"...moons and stars?!?!!?
  3. Oh my.
  4. Im glad no such bag was made by LV, doesnt sound too nice!!
  5. I've seen a lot of those, they are clearly trying to be homage bags, but the quality is so poor they are incredibly ugly.
  6. hehe, ew!
  7. I think they sell those at Wal Mart.

  8. lol yea I think they do sell them at walmart...eww. Im so amazed at the weird fakes I see people carrying.
  9. I think the people who carry them are kind of cute and clueless. I always wonder if they think Walmart is carrying LV or if they just like the darn bag, either way its funny.
  10. Walmart carries bag like that wow...learned something new. I don't think I have seen a fake as the one you have described it sounds aahhh interesting.
  11. At least it didn't have the LV markings... Ya know?

    Looked on their website and found this one- Inspired by chanel Maybe? LOL


    OMG! I jsut found this site!!! EEWWW

    Inspired by Chanel bag from that site--- These are the bags I see at the big malls in those liitle booth things BUT they tell you you can remove that pointy thing in the middle and it becomes CC....

    How amusing.

  12. LOL it's the Pacman Bag!!!:roflmfao:
  13. Hahahahaha
  14. LOL...that's the first thing I thought when I saw it! :p

    Well, at least they don't claim to be the real deal...
  15. this is completely o/t, but do you know the name of the font that was used for that Live. laugh. love. thing in your siggy? i love it