Saw Some Fall '06 Colors IRL

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  1. After seeing the swatches for Fall '06 like everyone else and then pining for my first bbag in the grenat city, I decided to go over to BalNY to check the colors out in person once I heard that they had some of the bags in.

    I asked Kim to see the grenat color, even though they didn't have it in the city style, but when she pulled it out in the purse style to show me, I was kinda disappointed! :sad: It was dark red to be sure but it was not like the swatch color I saw on It was like a very dull dark burgundy with a purply undertone and not that deep rich red that I was expecting (I guess it would be similar to bordeaux '05 but haven't seen that color IRL). And Kim said she was disappointed in the color, too!

    I also saw a greige city that was very pretty and the leather was so soft and thicker than in recent years (leather for the other fall 06 bags I saw were similar too) ! It is like a light gray with a beige undertone. I almost wanted to buy it but when I saw the blueberry day and work bags, I said "WOW"! It is a very deep royal blue and the color just "pops"! Joseph, the other SA, said he thinks this is the best color so far that he's seen for fall. I was originally intrigued by this color but expected it to be a midnight blue like the swatch color, but there is a brightness to the dark blue, which is why it "pops" (I hope that makes sense?). Maybe it is similar to indigo though I can't say for sure.

    Finally, I saw the forest green but it is a very dark hunter or pine green and definitely not for me. :yucky:

    Anyway, that is my rambling report. :shame: Hope that helps with some of the color descriptions, but my advice is to go see the colors in person (if you can) before you buy. Because I thought I would like grenat but I liked the blueberry much better! :love: Oh yes, and I ordered the blueberry city, which will be shipped to me once they figure out whether they have one as they have yet to open all the boxes they've received with the fall stock.
  2. Thank you for the information!
  3. Yay...blueberry or blue grey? I am tortured between these two colors for a work bag...:shame:
  4. ohhhh so exciting! I wish I live in NY so I can see them for myself too, but oh well it's probably better for me this way :biggrin:

    Thanks for sharing, angelphaery! And welcome!!
  5. thanks for the update! Hmm... I'm wondering if the grenat will be better in a large bag then. IMO the bright POP! colors look better in smaller doses, so maybe grenat will be fab in a work or weekender?
  6. Thanks for the report!
  7. I saw the blueberry work, and it looked good to me!! :biggrin: And when I say that that color "pops," it's more of a subtle brightness for the dark blue and not loud or anything like that. But I'm sure that the grenat would look good as a weekender if that's what you'd prefer.

    Thanks for the welcome! I posted earlier this morning as angelphaerie, but when I tried to log in this afternoon, I used my other alias, angelphaery! :Push: Didn't mean to be confusing!
  8. What about the rouge vif? Did you get to see any of these bags? I'd love to know what you think...
  9. if you email LVR, they will send you their catalog of bal bags. the red is a real red and the india blue has kind of tealish undertones. i tried to post pictures but it's not allowing me to do. some of them are very veiny.
  10. ooooh yessss, I forgot to mention I did see the fire engine red (but forgot what style it was since I was so focused on the color), and it's just what its name says - a true red! But it was too bright for my taste, but for those of you who like a bright true red, I think you will love the color!:yes:
  11. thanks SO much for the info!!!

    PUT ME DOWN FOR A BLUEBERRY WORK!!! i can't wait!!! woo hoo... b-bag fever...
  12. Hmmmm....I preordered a Grenat City. Should I be worried? I usually like deep, rich, jewel-tone colors...

    p.s.--welcome and thanks for the news!
  13. AH I really want a blueberry bag now. But I can't figure out what size to get!!! Twiggy.. City... First.. Maybe even a WORK?

    hehe thanks so much for the update! I wish I lived near the BalNY store- I think I'd go everyday!!
  14. Thanks for the great report!

    If anyone sees Truffle IRL, please let us know!!! I am bummed that grenat was not like we had hoped.
  15. thanks, angel, for the wonderful report. i'm wanting the blueberry so much more now. so grenat was unimpressive, eh?