Saw so many LVs in L.A. area

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  1. I visited Los Angeles, CA this past weekend. I shopped at the Irvine Spectrum Center, went to San Diego beaches, and visited Little Saigon in Westminster, CA and saw sooo many LVs there. And the best part is... they're authentic (most of them)!
  2. I would have loved to see that. Sounds like a fun day.
  3. Yeah, living in Los Angeles I see LV's just about everyday. It is great.
  4. YAY for seeing authentic LV!! I see so many fakes here in Vegas. YUCK!!!
  5. I saw 2 fakes before 8 am this morning! Scary...I'd love to be in aplace where more people value the real thing!
  6. I love seeing LV when i go out.
  7. LVoe seeing LVs out and about. Try going to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, I saw alone more than ten Damier bags (most were Speedy).
  8. oooh, how exciting! i live in northern california. sadly i don't see too many LV, mostly coach.
  9. LV is just ubiquitous in LA. Odd thing is there tend to be more fakes in the "nicer" areas (though of course there are more authentic pieces), such as in Beverly Hills.
  10. Lol I was at SCP and the Irvine Spectrum last weekend too! I also saw a TON of LVs, from Speedies to Saleyas, there were so many. More than I've seen for awhile.
  11. I wish I could have been there with you! I love to see REAL LV's!
  12. How funny, I was at the Irvine Spectrum Center on Monday night around 10:00 p.m. People there dress really nice and trendy. I saw the cloud bag in person for the first time, it's gorgeous!
  13. that's definitely one good thing about living in LA is the diversity of LV bags available to be seen on the streets! mainly it's the more popular ones: BH, Speedy, Saleya, Popincourts but sometimes you can see some amazing rarities.

    of course we have our share of speedies w/ feets too! :roflmfao:
  14. I've been seeing less and less LV fakes in my area. I see more Chanel fakes now than anything (lots of fake Cambons). I've also been seeing a lot of fake Coaches lately. The LVs I have been seeing have been real, and many of them had absolutely gorgeous patina! In fact, I was in the cafe in Macy's getting a Diet Coke when I saw two ladies withh real LVs. One was a Trotteur and the other was a Vavin! I had my Neverfull with me. It must have been a funny sight for other people coming into the cafe to see three women in a row with LV bags.
  15. I'm living in spain at the moment and I see so many fakes all the times - you can buy them anywhere at markets and shops. I feel so sad to carry my LV when so many people are carrying fakes.

    The only good thing about it is i really do appriciate when i see a real LV bag then - it makes my day :rolleyes: