Saw LVoe 2 Tote

  1. So I was at SCP today w/ my mom and of course we had to hit up LV:p. Before we went to the actual LV store, we went into the LV @ the newly opened Bloomingdales. I was talking w/ the SA there, who was super nice, but yea i mentioned/asked her if she knew anything about the new LVoe tote coming out and if she had a picture. Well before i could say anything else she ran to the back and came out w/ 2 bags! She showed me the tan and olive green canvas LVoe 2 tote bags. I was honestly kind of disappointed. :sad: I thought they were going to be bigger, like the size of the first edition LVoe bags, but they were really small! I would compare it against the smallest neverfull bag. I also believe she said they were going to be $570 (???) which for the amount i would just rather get a something a little bigger.

    So for any tpf'ers out there that live in OC that want the LVoe tote, just go to Bloomingdales @ SCP and im sure you can place one on hold. The SA told me that they wouldnt be able to sell them till friday, but they do have them so just ask if you want to see them :smile:

    Hope this is helpful :wlae:
  2. Thanks for the info!
    They have a couple of sizes in that tote available as well, so there are larger ones. :yes:
  3. Hmmm how come I havent gotten a call from my SA at Bloomingdales :confused1: Ok I think I'll give them a call right now
  4. Oh my gosh I haven't read your entire post (only the last sentence) but I am SO EXCITED!!! I hope my store gets them in time!!!!!

    Edit: Read it! So the "tan" small tote is about the size of the Neverfull PM? ...Great!! :biggrin:

    BTW, do you think it could be worn on the shoulder...if one has skinny arms?
  5. yea the tote can totally be worn on the shoulder :smile: ... hmm the SA at bloomingdales told me that thats the only size in the lvoe2 totes .. maybe shes not as informed as you are lvbabydoll :tup:
  6. yea seems that some bloomies SAs are so clueless :confused1:

    three sizes, three colors but not every color in every size
  7. Lol. Oh well, they'll find out sooner or later.
  8. Yay! :biggrin:
  9. Yep- eBoutique on eBay has a couple of the tan sizes for sale:
  10. it comes in 3 sizes.I have the Khaki MM on the way!
  11. I saw it today, too, at NM here in Vegas....I could've bought it. They're clueless about release dates. I was inspecting it and it had 2 scratches on the LV lettering. I was sooooo disappointed. They had the small khaki and ecru. The khaki is GORGEOUS!!!! It's a brown olive color. It looks more brown to me. I've got one on hold at another NM that will only sell it on the 15th. My NM always sells ahead of time. I don't get it. The PM was a perfect size. I can't wait until Friday. The only thing I'm bummed about is that I think the lettering will scratch easily. Both bags had scratches on the lettering and they just got them yesterday.
  12. Hmm! I guess I'll have to inspect carefully!

    Do you think you could find a colour that is comparable to the khaki you saw--it's still nothing close to a chocolate brown though, right?
    And size wise...what other bag do you think is around the same size?

    In regards to the scratching...guess I'll have to treat it like my Miroir Pochette!

    Ohhh this is getting so exciting!!!
  13. I was also at Bloomies SCP tonight and asked to look at the lvoe2 totes hoping to preorder. The SA brought out the ecru and khaki PM.

    Honestly I was a bit disappointed. The handles fit JUST over my shoulders and I have pretty skinny arms. I think I would need the MM to fit comfortably over my shoulders. I was hoping to spend not more than 600 for a totally canvas tote.

    The quality was also not that good... I have the Anya bags at home and seriously I don't the the the lvoe2 totes are better quality! The canvas felt pretty similar and the stitching was about as good as the Anya totes which are about $32 after tax/shipping.

    The most disappointing were the heat stamps. The heat stamp on the ecru was partially rubbed off (SA said they just got these in today) and the khaki was too thick that some letters were connected together. I asked to be called in when the MM comes in but I'm leaning towards saving my money for something else.
  14. ^^ oh...darn. I guess the PM was meant to be a handheld then...

    Now I'm getting really worried about quality...I mean I love how the bag looks and everything...BUT if it's poorly made...I don't know if I'd want to buy it!!!! Arghhh!! I need to see these NOW!!!
  15. Thanks for the info ..can't wait to see these IRL .. I wonder when they are due out here??? My SA has NO idea when they will arrive:confused1: