Saw fake tokidokis at gift show!

  1. Hello all!
    Just got home from the Vancouver Gift Show looking for stuff for my eBay business. I thought I'd check out the purse vendors and would you believe it! Fake Tokidokis...or OK I think they call it Tokidoki inspired. But if you ever see these on eBay, keep an eye out for the band that runs around the top of the bag where the Le Sportsac logo is. It says Pro Sport, written exactly like Le Sportsac is, so it can be so small it may not show up on an eBay picture unless you are able to supersize it. They are selling what looks like aforest print, or a jungle scene.It truly is sad, they are not the only ones that are being counterfeited. I saw the usual Burberries, Coach and LV. There is always just something to tell you that they are not the real deal, but it is so small a detail it could fool someone that doesn't know what to look for. They are making legal but oh-so-barely.
    On the other hand, I saw a lot of real cute things. For all you gals who love shoes, the giftware world has so much for you. But then , I guess all our closets are full of other goodies. Can't wait for Sample Tuesday!
  2. Oh, I live in New York and I see those a lot in Chinatown. Haven't seen the "Tokidoki-inspired" ones yet but I've seen Lesportsac knock offs.
  3. pursehappy,

    I know what you mean about the gift shows. I am a sales rep for a rep group in the gift industry and have a showroom. I have been to the Atlanta show many times and do see alot of ready to wear and bags for sale, some fakes too.

    About the fakeroonies, I think many boutiques just don't care if it is real or not, if it sells, it sells. They just shrug their shoulders and rake in the dough.