Saw CL espadrilles at Saks outlet today...

  1. and I didn't buy them. They were a great deal, but so uggly :crybaby:The fabric color and quality were just... awful. They had the red sole too but it didn't help. I kept trying to tell myself that thery are CLs but... :crybaby:
  2. You shouldn't buy something just because they are a deal. Ugly is ugly no matter how cheap it is even if it's a Louboutin.
  3. Ugly means you'll never wear them so it'll be a waste of money!
  4. Oh I'm so happy you didn't buy them! If you thought that they were ugly then and trying to convince yourself to buy them, that just means that in two days, after your sale goggles are off, you will have total buyers remorse! Way to show retraint! Which means now you can put your money to a pair of CL's that you love!
  5. ITA with other posters, ugly is ugly, CL or not! I adore CL shoes, but even he makes a few pairs that make me say WTF? Good choice not to buy!
  6. That's my opinion of these :


    Mr. Louboutin, what were you thinking?
  7. Haha, OMG, they are terrible!!!
  8. That first one has a retail price of $1890!!
  9. you can't be serious... FOR WHAT???
  10. eew!!
  11. Exactly!! :throwup:

  12. Good for you for not buying them just b/c of they would've been a deal. You can now put the money that you saved by not buying those shoes towards buying really cute shoes that you'll wearing all of the time. A much sounder decision IMHO.
  13. We're all human... even CL makes mistakes :sad: