Saw a 5 ft pile of bbags in boutique, crazy!

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  1. So today I went to my local Bbag (among other designers) boutique and they were remodeling. I asked to see the bbags they had and I was led to another floor. Ok there were workmen around and stuff was hanging from the ceiling and there was noise and all - but do you have to (I guess just temporarily) pile every bbag in the store on top of each other? They looked like roadkill! :wtf:
    I still asked about aquamarine and city styles, and the SA literally began pulling bbags out from under the others, like she had to crawl through (they were almost piled higher than she stood!). What a sad view. :crybaby:

    They had matelasse bags in navy with silver hardware, and looooots of giant hardware. A sandstone giant city, a truffle giant part-time, an anthracite giant brief, a neutral giant weekender, a french blue giant city, a truffle giant city, etc. etc. Not at all popular it seems. And no aquamarine. :sad:

    I asked to be called when the new season's colors came in, the SA mentioned June/July, and I waitlisted for a tomato city and jaune first with regular hardware. They said they would order more rh this time :graucho:
  2. hi not sure where this boutique is but do they have sandstone city or twiggy - RH?:heart:

    would they be willing to ship overseas or to another Balenciaga boutique?

    thanks so much.
  3. Hi, they didn't have a sandstone city or twiggy in regular hardware. Only PILES of giant hardware. We seem to be a very understated country lol.
  4. Wow... I would have been a little sad too... but then I probably would have wanted to dive in!!
  5. ^lol I probably crazily think of each of these bags as little bag personalities... a vibrant french blue, an elegant sandstone, a sexy anthra brief, etc. so it just seems disrespectful to make a big bag stew with them. Ok I'm definitely insane. Lol.
  6. That is so cute! It would certainly make any sane Balenciaga lover gasp to see that!
  7. I wonder how many other places are in the same boat RE: Giant hardware. It seems like a lot of boutiques and stores bought a LOT of GH for this season, and they're not selling as well as anticipated. My local Barneys is in this spot. I hope everybody else does ad your boutique said they would and orders more RH for the next season...
  8. That would have been a site to see. It is almost impossible for me to even imagine!?! How could they find anything among all the stacks, LOL.
  9. ^They almost didn't... the SA had to seriously dig!

    Interesting though about the GH. Perhaps Bal. will discontinue the GH and then some of us will have real collector's items.
  10. ^^I noticed the exact same thing last time I checked out Balenciaga at my local store. Tons and tons of GH Bags - and only a few RH bags. I got the feeling that they under purchased RH and over purchased GH.

    I'm just glad they didn't discontinue the RH - that would break my heart.
  11. :wtf:No wonder so many report scratches, tears, scuffs on new bags. I think Balenciaga made way to many GH bags and I think a lot of people are tired of them. They need to be careful, they could lose some of their fans to other designers.
    I think the GH should have been a somewhat limited thing, not more prevalent than the regular. They have to know everyone loves pewter and silver, so WHY didn't they do that in regular size hardware.
    The answer is easy, look at the prices. 400.00!!!!!! more for a City with GH. RIDICULOUS. I wonder what that shiny, bright gold hardware will look like 2 years from now. I do not think it will age gracefully like regular hardware. Time will tell. :graucho:
  12. ^yes, i've been wondering the same thing...Though the gold hw has grown on me, and I amazingly own two of them I wonder the same thing: how will the GH age over time? whether silver or gold...only time will tell what will happen with the hardware and how the leather will look around the heavy hardware.... I hope these do age nicely though...