Sarah Wallet in Vernis - Which to pick?

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  1. Hi Everyone

    I want to buy a sarah wallet in vernis, but want a color that (in my mind) can be paired with any handbag. What do you suggest?

    I was thinking Amarante as it looks like a nice rich brown.

    What do you think? Am I crazy for trying to pair this wallet with all my other handbags? Should I just go for a more classic style like the ebene sarah?

    I am honestly not one of those girls that can switch her wallets quickly....
  2. I think gris, amarante and rouge fauviste are very versatile colours.
  3. I would go with either Rouge Fauviste or Pomme!!

    The amarante is too dark on a wallet, and the fingerprints are so easy to seen.
    That bugs meehh !!
  4. I'd say Gris or Amarante. If it's still available, Pomme would be best. Good luck deciding! =]
  5. I think for Vernis, you should just get the colour that you love, rather than trying to match it. Most people pick Vernis for that pop of colour and to stand out. It's really personal preference... I love the Amarante and Bleu Nuit... but also like Pomme and Rouge Fauviste! So pick whatever grabs you when you see it IRL! My friend has the Sarah in Pomme and it is TDF!
  6. Pomme was my first choice for a Sarah but it wasn't available when I went, so I ended up with amarante. Amarante is absolutely gorgeous but beware, it is a major fingerprint magnet! The fingerprints drove me crazy at first, but I was so over that issue within a few days.

    Rouge fauviste is another good choice, although it didn't "wow" me as much as amarante.
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    amarante isn't brown. it's more like a really, really dark black cherry color that looks black in some light. it is a beautiful color, but it is a fingerprint magnet.

    rouge fauviste is also fantastic and would go well with many different colors. despite being a pretty bright color, it manages to be pretty neutral.

    pomme d'amour is my favorite, but it is anything but subtle. it's a bright candy apple red.

    gris is a nice gray. it's much more subtle.

    bleu nuit is a pretty blue. i'm not a blue person, but i would still enjoy carrying one.
  8. I'd choose Pomme or Rouge Fauviste for a pop of color! Either would look great with any LV bag, IMO.
  9. amarante. i have it and i love it. depends if u can cope with the finger prints =)
  10. I like something on the brighter side for a wallet. Makes it easy to find!
  11. The Sarah in Pomme looks great with any LV handbag. I have it and never tire of looking at it!
  12. Amarante or Rouge Fauviste
  13. so mine too!! Def. Pomme
  14. I like Pomme - it would stand out!!
  15. I have the Amarante Sarah wallet and I can't rave about it enough. In the sun it's this sparkly, dark red color and it's gorgeous. The fingerprints don't bother me that much at all, and I find that it's the most neutral. I really liked Gris as well but the color transfer I was warned about by my SA worried me.

    Good luck with your decision and just go with the one that draws you the most! :smile: