Sarah Jessica Parker is starting a new line of shoes

  1. I hear SJP is starting a line of shoes to be called Bitten and they were previewed to the press last week. Anyone seen them or heard anymore about this?
  2. I thought thatwas the name of her clothing line? well I suppose that would encorporate sheos too huh!:biggrin:

    I did hear its very hushush & no one is beign told anything, not the market aimed at, the price range etc until the offical launch.

    I'm really not a fan of all the 'celebs' who think they can turn their hand to designing (eg, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Madonna etc) but I think she is the one celeb who actually knows alot about clothes &style, rather than just relying on a stylist so I'm really interested to see what she comes up with.
  3. :nuts: say whaaaat? ooooh that will be fun to see!
  4. I saw pics of her clothing range this morning, I will try and re-find the link. The clothes are really low-key/casual items. More like cropped jeans, shorts, sweat tops and some simple dresses, and all the clothes are under $20.
  5. wow...I would love to see her line!
  6. under $20!! i want to see!
  7. Who cares that she's starting a line of clothing? Her so-called style on Sex and the City had nothing to do with her..she was styled to perfection by Pat Field. She is just another celeb licensing her name to make more $$$.
  8. Yes, I don't think she has a new line of shoes. I think it's just clothes. I think it would be cool for casual wear. And Sarah Jessica Parker did have an influence of her style on sex and the city.
  9. I agree she def had an influence but who wouldnt with your choice of all designer clothes? She was given so much to work with.
  10. Many wouldn't have an influence. Designer goods don't buy taste.
  11. That's harsh. I care. :shrugs:

    I agree!! You can have all designer clothes and still look like a big ol mess. :p
  12. Didn't mean to be harsh but all the SJP iconic style talk is really underscoring the impact of Pat Field who styled everything on that show...she has been around the NYC fashion scene for years and she is the one who truly deserves the credit for the look and influence of the show. I worked for a major design house and Pat would borrow our clothes for SJP all the time for the show and for photo shoots...SJP never even saw them before Pat showed them to her. Granted, she wore them well but it was all Pat down to the last little accessory.
  13. I wasn't mad for her style on SATC & I personally think Pat Field looks a freaking mess most of the time. But I do like a lot of what I see of SJP in the casual, about town pap shots of her.
  14. I agree..Pat Field's personal style certainly is not my taste but she did put everything together for the ladies on the show and started quite a few trends as we all know.