Sapphires - Where, how to buy?

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  1. I m in love with bvlgari's sapphire flowers, but they are a tad ex. Tiffany's sapphire flowers are nice too, but less regal. What are my other options if I want pretty sapphires?

    Where do u gals buy your sapphires? Which shops besides bvlgari?
    Do they come with certs like diamonds?
    How do you pick sapphires? What colors do u go for?
    I m really lost. Anyone has useful information/experiences to share? Helpful souls have previously written useful guides on diamonds and pearls, maybe someone can enlighten us this precious rock! Thanks!!



    Which one do u like?
  2. Are there pics, because I can't see any!

    as far as colors go, i personally like most shades of pink, the navy shades of blue and padaprasha that are more on the pink side than orange....but with sapphires there's so much color variation avaliable it's really a personal preferance. sapphires don't come with grades and certs like diamonds do....but you can still get them clarity graded and have the inclusions mapped if you'd like.

    a necklace like the one you like shouldn't be hard to have custom made for much less than a name branded one. has a lot of great informations and helpful ladies in their colored gemstone forum.
  4. Buy from a reputable seller with a return policy. I have gemstones delivered to my jeweler, who helps me loupe the stones. I've bought good sapphires from the Natural Sapphire Company, PalaGems, and Thai Gems, and I think I've finally got the stone of my dreams from CherryPicked.
  5. i don't believe in buying brand name jewelry because they really overcharge. it's really not like with handbags (and even then, some brands just count on people paying for the name and the quality is pretty crappy). you can get the exact same quality and workmanship at a lower price when it comes to jewelry. i would do my reasearch and look for a reputable dealer and/or jeweler and have a piece custom made.