1. So I received a blueberry and a sapin work from NM in SF from the lovely Oma. I am torn between the two. As has been mentioned before, the blueberry is not too far off from last seaon's leather. A touch softer, but that's about it--still shiny and veiny...the color is nice, though not as bright as the photo would have you believe. The leather on Sapin is TDF--soft and matte. I love it, but the color is a bit darker than I would like. I am looking to add a Work to the closet..which color should I choose? Or should I wait until Spring colors come out? Definitely want a neutral and low-maintainance color though...Help!
  2. First of all, congrats on your lovely new bags! :flowers: Hmm...this is a tough one. For me, leather is really important. Your description of the Sapin with the TDF leather makes me want to choose that one, but the Blueberry color is gorgeous! Perhaps you can try the Lubriderm or AG conditioner method to soften the veins and make the bag more matte?
  3. OMG those 2 are fab!!! I love them both!! this is such a toughie to choose....:shrugs:
  4. I like the blueberry best.
  5. Humm, if it were me i'd choose blueberry. Especially if you just got the chocolate Muse. The chocolate and the sapin are in the same family to me - so that's why i'd choose the Blue - it would go with different things and is a unique neutral.
  6. orchids, you described the 2 leather textures perfectly!!!! i saw a sapin city with the most delicious, thick, smooshy leather. my bf picked it up and told me it was like the old smooshy leather. the blue was thin , smooth and shiny, but a nice color., who knows what direction the leather is going in...... if the sapin fades abit , it might get to be a nice green...:shrugs: :heart:
  7. I love the blueberry color - but I'm crazy about leather, so I'd choose the best leather over color for sure :smile:
  8. That is so bizarre - my blueberry work is very matte and very thick. There is not a vein to be found on it. Is it possible to select a different blueberry bag? The color is so stunning! I may be a tad biased - the sapin is not for me because I purchased last season's emerald:smile:
  9. I have the blueberry work bag. Color wise it is perfect, TDF color as I expected. Leather wise, it is thicker than the s/s 06,but not that matte like my fire engine red one. It is more cripsy and I can see the distressness from the leather. I prefer the feeling of vintage over matte on this specific color. Sapin for me is little bit too dark, little bit dull. JMHO.:graucho: I love blueberry...:yahoo:
  10. I, personally, like the sapin better. However, if you are not really sure about the color and you really want a neutral bag why not consider blue/grey, truffle, or cement?
  11. welp, the blueberry's got that "wow" factor, but the sapin's such a rich, gorgeous color green & it sounds like you're leaning more toward, i'd have to put my vote in for the sapin :greengrin:
  12. I vote Sapin. I have the City in Sapin and the color and leather is fantastic. I wouldn't call it dull at all (ofcourse compared to blueberry or rouge vif ofcourse it's going to be much different). The Sapin also goes with so much and will be a nice classic color to have.
  13. i like the sapin!! the blueberry looks a bit stiff IMO....
  14. SAPIN SAPIN SAPIN!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I've seen both in person and yes there is a difference in the leather and the look. While the blueberry is the most perfect shade of is really really shiny and veiny. I want the Sapin so is the most gorgeous shade of green, just the shade I hoping Balenciaga would come out with this fall.

    But alas, I am on a handbag moratorium so cannot partake. :crybaby: If I could sell a kidney for a Sapin, I would...I mean who needs 2 kidneys, right? :whistle:
  15. :lol:

    Btw I vote for Blueberry! It's a great color! And the leather will soften & loose its shine with use anyway?