Sanrio Hello Kitty - LV Cruise style purse

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  1. This is a little purse I bought when I was back in Taiwan. I purchased this purse from Sanrio at SOGO. Just really want to share it with everyone. It may not really fit in this category but you can see why though. Personally, I think it's quite adorable but had mixed feelings about buying it as I am a loyal LV fan. Just want to know what everyone thinks.

    The collection can be viewed here at the site.

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  2. Are you having mixed feelings about buying it b/c it looks like one of the LV bags...i forget what the name of it's called. Nonetheless i think it's an adorable bag!! What are your other thoughts and feelings about this bag?
  3. It's the Globetrotter...
  4. I saw that at a sanrio store too and think its very cute! Although I don't like LV inspired bags, I think Hello Kitty can be forgiven!
  5. i love hello kitty and that bag is sooo cute!
  6. Way cute! It does remind me of LV, but come on... it's Hello Kitty! I am willing to forgive...
  7. I love Hello Kitty! Cute bag!
  8. Yea, I think we can forgive Hello Kitty! Adorable bag! As you can tell from my avator, I love Hello Kitty!
  9. Hello Kitty is always in my heart! That bag is very cute and I agree with Smellyfeet, HK can be forgiven even though it's LV-inspired.

    Any thoughts on this Loungefly HK tote

    I've been thinking of purchasing, but can't come to a decision yet.
  10. ^^That's so cute, I would definitely carry that tote.
  11. its adorabblee! but i have the same reservations as you.

    i'd probably buy that tote to collect, but i would never wear it out. but i might use it as a quick shopping bag or whatever. but not as an actual purse.
  12. Agreed. Hello Kitty is the bomb....and I love Choco Kat, too!
  13. Go for it! It's super cute!
  14. YES, ty:smile:
  15. hiii folks -- thanks for checking out the Loungefly tote and sharing your thoughts! yes, this will def be something fun to use as a shopping/grocery bag. *hitting the submit button on the order form as i type this reply!!