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  1. :nuts:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it's a lot better than the one on eBay singapore!
  2. cute..
  3. :nuts: :nuts: :love: :love:
  4. GUESS WHO GOT HER LAST DISCONTINUED BAG!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. CONGRATS!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I'm so happy I could help!!!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo:

    At least the Epi leather itself is in great condition!!
  6. Congrats!!!!! I'm glad you finally got one!
  7. Congrats - Becks is an amazing seller & the Lilac is a very pretty colour.
  8. Awesome, you have been waiting for that one forever!

    Look at karman being such a purse angel. [​IMG]
  9. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Congrats Sandra!!!
    The Lilac is really adorable :love:

    Karman, you are so sweet :flowers:
  10. aw congrats sandra!!
  11. Congratulations Sandra!!!! Time for a brand new complete family pic!!!!
  12. CONGRATS! :yahoo:
  13. finally sandra... congratss :heart: :heart:

    thats so nice of u karman :flowers:
  14. Congrats! What an awesome example of tPF members working together! ;)
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