Sandals...Ibiza & Athena

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  1. #1 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    I apologize of there was a thread for this already but I was unable to find it.

    I just wanted to post how AWESOME this shoes are!! I wear a size 11 & I have a high instep so getting pretty, comfortable & unique shoes is not any easy feat [no pun intended]. These babies more then surpass my expectations. The leather was so soft that I never got a blister, they move & gave with my feet & are COMFORTABLE.

    To be honest, I was very hesitant when I ordered them based on comments other people made about the shoes running large or not true to size. I am so glad I did not listen to them!! I have Ibiza in both the PL & the black. I have the Athena in the Moonbeam & Brandy & am planning on placing my order for the Black. This was I have all the colors of both shoes!! I know I will have these shoes for a long time & that is due to the wonderful craftsmanship!

    I was just wondering if other folks have had such success & love for these shoes as well??
    Forgot to mention that I get oodles & oodles of compliments on them that I can't praise these enough to people & let them know where I got them!
  2. Now I wish I would have bought a pair. I almost pulled the trigger, but I listened to all the negative feedback instead :sad: Can you post some pics of them on??
  3. I am running out right now but I will most definitely post some pics later!! I had bought a pair of the Iskia in Brandy which I am returning because they were too snug but hey 4 out of 5 fit is a good shoe record for me! lol I took the chance because they could get returned without any problems! You still have a chance to get the shoes on sale today!

    I will post pics though - promise!
  4. My feet are so hard to fit. I also got the Iskias and they are too big. I am going to take them to a shoe repair to see if they can put an insert in them cuz I love them. I am Leary of buying any more shoes online. I wear an 8 1/2 or 9 and am nervous to try the 8 in the ibizas.
  5. Can anyone speak to the sizing on the Ibizas? I am a true 10.5. The Iskias in 11 are a tiny bit big on me, but one of the reviews for the Ibiza said that they ordered their usual size and it was too small? I also am looking at the Mercury wedges, which seem to run big according to reviews. So confusing!
  6. Ok I apologize for the non-manicured tootsies but you should still get an idea of what they look like. Again, please keep in mind that I am a size 11 with a high instep. Without further ado....

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  7. Thanks for the great review on the Ibiza! I'm also a size 11 with a high arch. How is the width - my foot is a tiny bit on the wider side - not enough for a wide width shoe, but sometimes shoes run narrow on me (Cole Haan for example). Thanks!
  8. kathied, love the Athena sandal!

    I have the Athena sandals in black and moonbeam and they're fantastic! I wear them to the office and I wore them out of town for the july 4th w/e and they're extremely comfortable.
  9. I have a normal width foot & these were fine. I felt the leather give during the first time I wore them. The shoe leather is as supple as the pocketbook leather! HH have such a great return policy that if they don't fit you there is no problem returning them - that is as long as you don't buy them as the hourly item during the BB sale!

    I bought mine during the flash sale a couple of weeks ago & have found them to be very comfy! I even went shopping in them & when I woke up the next morning my feet felt great - no pain or aches! Which for me says a WHOLE lot about the shoe. They are GREAT!!! :yahoo:
  10. Hi, I have both of these albeit in smaller sizes. They are really great. I have slightly wide feet as well, but not enough to need a wide shoe. There is a spray you can get that you spray on just the parts that are too snug. You then walk in the shoe and it stretches that area to conform to your foot. Just wanted to let you know in case it was a issue for anyone. My Ibizas were a tad tight on my left foot. Any cobbler would have it and it is cheap for a little bottle.
  11. Same here! I wear all the shoes to the office as well! In the pic are the moonbeam - very hard to get a true picture depiction of them since they are neither silver nor gold. I see them as literally a neutral metallic!

    Glad to see other folks are sharing my love vibe for these beauties!!
  12. Thanks everyone for all the info on these shoes. I think I may have to take the plunge on some.

    Kathied, those moonbeam Athenas are so pretty!
  13. I found the Iskias to be snug on my feet but the Ibizias were a perfect fit! If it helps you can see the pics I posted above. They were a good match for me. I am not familiar with the Mercury Wedges so I have no words of wisdom for you with those - sorry!! :sad:

    I was hoping to get the LAUREL Flat, Platinum Tejus Lizard but the 11's were sold out which I was totally bummed about.:cry:
  14. Thanks Tonij & Brenn - should you get them I hope you are as happy as I am!! :cloud9:
  15. Yes, the 11 on the Iskias is just a tiny bit too long, but it is the top part of it that is the problem for me. With all the leather links, there are a couple of spots where the edges of the links rub my foot if I wear them too long. I have worn them many times, but they don't really stretch much.

    Those Laurel flats are cute!