San Marcos, TX outlet

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  1. Im thinking about driving down to the outlet this week, what all is out there and are there any sales going on?
  2. has anyone been lately?
  3. I was there 2 sundays ago. There was some very cute stuff there. I know they are moving into their bigger store front soon (if not already). The SA told me they were getting more stuff in from retail when they move. I don't really know the names of each hand bag, but i there was alot of singature stuff, some pebbled leather bags, and some colorful patchwork bags. Hope that helps!
  4. thanks so much!
  5. no prob!! post pics of what you get!! I'm planning another trip down there in a couple weeks!
  6. I didn't know they were getting a bigger store. Cool! Thanks for that news. I'm planning on going back to that outlet in a couple of weeks or so. Hopefully they'll be moved in by then!
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