San Fran. Special editon shoes... for opening party!

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  1. that's amazing matt!!! by the time I got to the store on Friday...they were already sold out!!!!
  2. ^^Really? I tried them on last night at the party.
  3. HOLY COW those are hot !!!

    But.. I'd rather get a Kelly at that price !
  4. Ooh speaking of which, how was the party Michelle?
  5. It was good. I am going to give a full report in a thread shortly. :smile:
  6. :wtf: I'd trip and eat it in those heels!
  7. again with the mink.... :s
  8. i must have been mistaken...maybe it was the mens shoes...geez I don't even remember it was such a blur!!!:wtf:
  9. I am curious to know how much they REALLY were.

    very cool shoes! would loved to see the mens.
  10. wow they are hot!
  11. Those are gorgeous!:heart:
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