San Diego

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I will be in San Diego this month and am planning on going to the Zoo and the beach. Do you have any suggesitons on places to go, places to eat Asian food (maybe a nice sushi resteraunt), and places to go for outlet shopping? I'm so excited! Thank you!
  2. The outlet in Carlsbad is ok,go to the gaslamp area lots of nice restaurants,shopping and clubs.
    You must go Fashion Valley Mall for high end shopping.
    I am only stationed here (navy base) so hopefully a native could give you better choices.Have fun!:tup:
  3. I've never been there, enjoy your stay there...
  4. Coronado Island is nice, we stayed at The Hotel Del Coronado. Beautiful hotel and one of the rooms is haunted!!!!
  5. Where about are you staying? I am originally from San Diego! :heart:
  6. ^^ That is cool TD I really do not meet alot people "originally"from SD.:smile:
  7. I started a thread about going to San Diego last August. Hopefully it will be of some help.
  8. I'm from San Diego. Mission hills, Hillcrest, Mission Valley, Gaslamp district all have great places to eat. Pacific Beach has cute little shops, bars, and restaurants and it's right next to the beach. Coronado is beautiful. There's also La Jolla. They have very nice restaurants and boutiques.

    Oh, and try It's a San Diego site full of things to do, restaurants, etc.

    I hope you have a great time here.
  9. ***Must eat Sunday brunch at Hotel Del Coronado...TDF!!!!!!!
  10. I'm in SD! I've lived here all my life lol.
    I love Fashion Valley for shopping (UTC is cute but there are a lot of baby stores there), there aren't a lot of great outlets at all, as nycgr1 said, the Carlsbad outlet is just ok. It's nothing to speak of and since it's a "premium" outlet, the prices aren't much cheaper than retail.
    Del Mar and La Jolla are gorgeous, downtown La Jolla (around Girard St.) has some interesting little stores of all types.
  11. I went to the San Diego zoo about 5 years ago...loved it!!!
    It's big, i don't think we had enough time to see everything...
    Be sure to be in some comfy shoes!
  12. I go to UCSD and if you're going to the zoo you should explore Balboa Park too, especially if you like going to museums. :smile:

    For sushi, I've only been to two all-you-can eat sushi places which weren't bad (in my opinion anyway). They're both by La Jolla Cove (which has a tiny seal beach if you'd like to look at smelly seals ;).

    Tadashi Sushi - this place is tiiiny but hey, can't beat the price.

    Aloha Sushi - I think this place is just too cute because the restaurant is actually this little house and you can sit out on the patio. They have all-you-can-eat on Wednesday nights. I think the sushi here is better than Tadashi's.

    And for other asian food, there's a bunch on Convoy Street. I like to eat spicy stone bowl tofu and there's Convoy Tofu House and Tofu House on that street if you're in the mood for some Korean food. :smile:

    But my knowledge of San Diego food is pretty limited compared to natives but those are places I've enjoyed so far! :smile:
  13. :smile: I need to find some flats this weekend! Thank you for the suggestions! I'll be sure to check out your thread about San Diego from August. I think I'm staying about 5 miles from the San Diego Zoo.
  14. Wow, I'll be sure to try out the all you can eat sushi!!
  15. I've been to the tofu house that annie mentioned. Very good!