Same old story...what to do about refunds?

  1. This is the same old song, different verse. I have an acquaintance...met through eBay. She bought a Louis Vuitton multicolor white PTI from me last spring. We have emailed each other fairly often and sort of struck up an email correspondence and keep up with each other a little bit. She saw pics of my purse collection and has asked several times about an LV wallet (the French wallet). She wanted to buy it last spring and I said no. Then she has asked again a few more times and last week, she did again. I haven't used it in a long time so I said, ok, here is my price and I will list it on eBay so we both feel safe. She was going out of town and wanted to get it soon, so I managed to get it listed.
    My description was brief, to the point, said authentic LV MC French wallet, etc. and I also said no refunds except for authenticity. I had sent her several pictures of it privately and only put one on the listing since she had seen them. I listed it as buy it now for the price we discussed and she sent thru the PayPal payment right away and I shipped right away. Then, I get an email from her that she got the wallet, but she "thought it was bigger". (I told her to look at it on eluxury for the dimensions, etc.)
    Now I am out about $40 in fees if I give her a refund. I really wasn't going to list it except that she wanted it so badly. I hate to be a bad person, but by golly, she pushed the issue about my selling it right away. I know that eBay sales are slow so I wasn't really going to list any of my bags now. I'm in no huge hurry to sell them until ebay sales go up again in the late fall!
    So...what is my best option here? Let her pay for my fees and she can send it back to me? Or just deny the refund and let it stand? I'm not sure of the best thing in this situation. Thanks for some advice from some of you that might have been in this situation.
  2. she "thought it was bigger"

    I never heard seller will issue refund for such this reason or "not-like-the-style" etc. It's her mistake, why didn't check or ask the measuring first??

    I won't give her refund!
  3. I agree w/ lvgodiva that you shouldn't give her a refund. It is her mistake, not yours. I smell buyer's remorse on her part. Be firm on the fact that you only accept returns in case of authenticity only and there's nothing wrong w/ the wallet. Someone bought a bag from me on ebay , told me that her daughter didn't like the style and wanted to return it. Since all my auctions clearly state that I don't accept returns except on authenticity, I told him no and I sent him the gift receipt from the store where I bought the bag. Stand your ground !!!

  4. How long has it been? You can unmark the item as paid, file a mutual NPB and request your FVF back because the customer returned the item. Or, refund her the money minus the fees. I would just explain to her that you didn't even want to sell it in the first place but thought you could do her a favor while raising a little cash.

    I think the first option is the best choice :tup:
  5. I agree. It's not worth the bad feelings it will foster. I'm sure she'll understand you can't be out the fees.
  6. If she will cover ALL your fees you won't be out anything. If she won't, no go.
  7. Explain about the fees, if she agrees to cover your listing fee (you can get the rest back), refund, but don't do this for her again, she blew it!
  8. Go for this option. As for Paypal, u can use the Refund Payment option n PayPal will reimburse your fees too.
  9. Agree with other views that the fees are key here, but would also say that maybe it is worth explaining very clearly to her, as you have here, why you are so reluctant to give the refund and that it is not consequence-free. Maybe given your history as previous contacts, she might be galvanised into action!
  10. This was all done about 5 days ago. She asked to buy it on Monday, I listed it on ebay on Tuesday and she paid that day with PayPal. I shipped it on Wed and she got it Friday.
    I just hate to go through all the hassle of this refunding, etc. Plus, I always transfer my funds out of PayPal within a day or two. So, there are no funds in my PayPal account now.:confused1: If I refund through PayPal, then I will have to transfer them back from my bank account. It was so simple at first and now it has become complex.:cursing:

  11. It's not a problem if you transferred the funds from your paypal to your bank account. Paypal will just deduct the funds to cover the refund (net of their fees) from your bank account. It generally takes a few days but I've done it before and it's never a problem.

    Good luck!