Same Bag in 2 different colours?

  1. Hey Ladies.
    One more question for you girls...

    I have the miu miu vitello lux satchel (medium) in talco (off-white). I got it last sept. in NY (though I am from Europe) and I am so in love with it. I always wanted a white bag.. and its perfect.. as its not too white:smile: Now I know this bag also comes in alumino (light grey). Now I dont know if I should also get the grey one or if its a stupid idea.. getting the same bag in 2 different colours.. especially if both are light colours. If one would be black or brown and the other white.. that would be a different issue..
    Should I get the light grey in large then?? But its huge.. and you can only hold the bag on the handle.. what could be annoying if a bag is that huge?!
    I am scared if I get the same bag in light grey it wont make a difference... u see? wheather I wear the white or the grey one?:shrugs:
  2. Can you just get the grey one and return the white? It's a matter of personal preference but I grey is a good neutral. I'm scared of using white bags for fear of getting them dirty.
  3. I cant:sad: I got it in NY last September. But I really like it. I was always scared using white bags.. But this white is off white.. so you dont have to be so careful about dirt.
    Should I get the light grey also?
    Both are seasonal bags... so.. hm...
  4. I'd say think about it and maybe get another bag instead. They MIGHT be too similar. I wouldn't like the fact that the large can only be hand held espec if it's loaded down.
  5. thanks for your opinion help alouette.. your right. it was a stupid idea. all my gfriends already told me I am mad.. haha:smile: just love miu miu!
  6. Oh I love miu miu too and I'm DYING to get a black Coffer but need to stop myself since I've been bad lately.

    If you keep thinking about it several weeks/months from now then think about getting it but right now...I'd say hold off.

    Glad I could help!
  7. Well, I may not be the best person to ask but I will tell you that if I love a bag, I get it in several different colors. I've had up to 6 coffers in different colors at one time. I've since reduced my collection and only have 3 right now. BUT, I also have the red coffer on it's way to me as we speak!! I say, if you find something you love - get as many as you would like! This way you can wear them with different colored outfits. I plan on wearing the red coffer for Valentine's Day :love:.
  8. Theres a red coffer?? I didnt even know that?? U have some pics?? From what collection is the red coffor? I thought the colours available are:
    White, Light grey, grey, brown(?), black and pink/violet
  9. Red ?! I thought there was a green in between ! OMG,miu2 you are a real collector :smile: and congratulations for the red one.Happy :heart:St.Valentine:heart: already :flowers:
  10. Well I wont personally get 2 bags in 2 diff colors unless its clothings or shoes.. but of coz, since you got the off-white in medium, get another style in grey such as the bow! Gd luck with your decision.
  11. Wildberry-

    Theres a green satchel??? Oh my god! I love green! Ive never ever seen a green one!!! In no magazin.. in no store..?!
    Have u got some pics???
    Are u sure theres a green one?:smile::smile::smile:
  12. Hi SaskiaS !

    I was referring to the coffers in my post.;) Actually,it exists and there is already one on eBay right now.

    I'm not sure if there is a bow satchel in green.It would be nice for spring,indeed.:flowers:
  13. I don't buy the same style bag in different colors.