1. Hi, im new to this forum and love evryones miu miu and prada bags. So i was just wonderin do both do sales and if when. Plus i live in the UK this would be of great help thanks.
  2. im not being rude but i've post this message for three days and no one has replied back with a yes/no answer and 50 people have seen this thread. pls i just need an answer whether there is knowledge that miu miu or prada does sales in th UK and US
  3. I suspect no one answered because they do not know. Generally you see sales at NM and Saks right after the Christmas holidays. Try then.
  4. There is a SALE thread at the top of the Prada forum...u can check there for sales.....
    Sorry we havent answered is close to the holidays and I havent been on posting as much(I had Hannukah here for the last week.....)
    I am the Prada Moderator here...if u have any unanswered questions...Please feel free to PM me!
  5. thanks ladysalesrep195 and Jill very much appreciated on your reply and really considering purchasing a prada bag very soon so i will showcase to all of you.
    by da way Jill love your collection i think its amazin!