Sales reps

  1. I have seen the name Daphne mentioned as a good sales rep in NY, but she is on vacation for 10 days.:confused1: Anyone else I should ask for?

    Thanks tons from a newbie! :heart:
  2. Kim. She's a sweetie. :smile:
  3. Kim for sure!
  4. i heard Bill is good thats who i plan to use for my next purchase
  5. My vote goes to Bill. He's a genuinely nice person, and will try hard to help.
  6. Daphne 's great, but if she is out, I'd go with Kim. She's a great bag selector and is very nice.
  7. So I called and talked with Kim.

    I told her that I have heard she picks out great bags, and she said she would do her best :smile:

    So I have a Sandstone first on it's way!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the help!!!
  8. Excellent choice! Congrats!:tup:
  9. I love Kim. She does a great job, and everytime I speak with her she makes me feel like a valued customer.