Sale seasons?

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  1. Hi,
    when are the sale seasons, better when are the times where i can buy designer stuff cheaper?
    I heard May was the next time, is that right? And when is it afterwards?

  2. IME July/August is the best time.. they are clearing out spring/summer

    for winter items.. Jan/Feb
  3. ^^Ya, usually S/S items go on sale about the end of May and F/W about the end of Nov., early Dec. About a month or so after the sale they get marked down some more but items could be slim pickin'.
  4. I think it depends on what the item is in particular. If you are looking for clothes/shoes, then it is the time periods the ladies above suggested and during the back-to-school sales. If you are looking for electronics, it is during the back-to-school and black friday times of years. If you are looking for Jewelry it is during black friday, Valentine's Day, and Christmas.
  5. In NYC there are still sales going on..up to & including 75% off.

    Barney's is having their warehouse sale very soon and then of course there

    are the outlet malls like Woodbury Commons which is about 1 1/2 out of the city

    Business is not at the optimum, so there might be sales on different items at

    different times now..

  6. But in NYC there are always sales year round.