Sale Reveal :)

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  1. My first Ostrich handbag and my my first medium sized Lily!
  2. Great choice! :smile:
  3. Congrats Kate1989, your lily is stunning. Enjoy!
  4. Congrats, it really is stunning! :heart:
  5. Wow, she's a beauty. The leather looks lush. Carry her with joy!
  6. Thanks everyone, I'm so thrilled and feel as if I've had ten coffees today, can't wait to use her :smile: I have an LV bandeau on it's way which I ordered especially to wrap around the chain strap :smile:
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  7. Wow. She's amazing!
  8. woooooow, you've acquired a sublime beauty... little bit envious :amuse::heart:
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  9. A very eye catching medium lily, congratulations! ❤️
  10. love your lily! Congrats. Medium lily is one of my favourite styles.
  11. My LV bandeau arrived today to wrap around the chain, it really softens the feels of the chain on my shoulder. And the packaging from lv was just fab! (Please excuse how scruffy I look today! It's incredibly hot and humid).
    IMG_20160623_155317.jpg IMG_20160623_145409.jpg 13512142_990120874439767_7700927722082329833_n.jpg
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  12. It looks lovely with the bandeau. She's a lovely lily
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  13. She is a beauty! Congrats!
  14. wow, what a thing of beauty!
    I would remove the scarf thingy, it just distracts the beauty of the ostrich leather
  15. LOVE your bag :smile: I haven't been able to use mine a single time since I bought it for my birthday in June as it has rained every single day - I think yours is a thing of beauty - lets hope we can use them very soon !!!!!! :tup:
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