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  1. Im so tempted to hit the sale again but the guilt is stopping me!
    Here it is
    Sale items: 20160616_130922.jpg
    And my Mulberry collection at the moment 20160616_131938.jpg

    Is everyone happy with there sale items?
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  2. Congratulations!! Wow - loving that neon blue Roxette. I will admit that the tree continental wallet in metallic mushroom made it into my basket several times but I had to keep convincing myself I don't need it. Still looking at it longingly... how are you liking it?
  3. Lovely purchases, and collection! Congratulations! :smile:
  4. You've chosen very pretty colours, they look so fresh. It's a lovely collection, enjoy wearing them :smile:
  5. Very nice! Is the willow a sale item? I didn't come across it online ?
  6. You have a gorgeous collection! I love the neon blue colour, congrats on your new bag! :smile:
  7. Lovely colourful collection - love the neon blue - had my eye on the double zip bays in neon blue but had to behave Beautiful new bag and collection
  8. Congrats on your sale purchases and love your Mulberry family lou123, such gorgeous pops of colour!
  9. SO SO SO VERY GORGEOUS lou123! Totally LOVE that blue & I'm a huge fan of mushroom metallic. CONGRATS....beautiful family you have!
  10. Lovely collection just to ask u how ru liking the small willow? I really want it but I'm not sure how practical it is. Do you use it a lot?
  11. The metallic mushroom is STUNNING!
  12. ooh I love your collection :yes: :tup:

    I keep thinking I want to order more lol - but I know I don't really need to !!!!
  13. Congratulations on lovely sales purchases!!
  14. Great collection - the colours are very complementary to each other! Glad to see I'm not the only one to have multiple Bays clutches :cool: I was feeling a bit guilty of ordering a black one from the sale but couldn't resist it as they're probably going out. I tried the new continental clutch in store but the minute I compared it to the Bays clutch, it was just so much more elegant and liftef up the whole look :smile:
  15. I love my small willow!
    Only negative I can see is its quite heavy but I don't carry much about so it's not an issue for me!:biggrin: