Sale items at Nordies Rack...

  1. in Sacramento (Howe Bout Arden). There are 3 shoulder clutches for $278 each, one greyish blue and 2 lighter blue color, which I think is blue glacier (sorry I am clueless about diff colors). There are 3 tote bags with those small metal plates running down in front, I don't know the name, but I believe they are $400ish. I almost bought the blue grey clutch which is really pretty but good thing I didn't because when we went to Nordies in Arden mall after I splurged on a new 08 Black SGH Work.
  2. oh how exciting. The black with GSH is gorgeous. Can you post in the main area with pics?
  3. When did you go? They probably don't send things.. :sad: I really want a shoulder clutch at that price!!!! Anyone willing to get it for me? HAHA Probably not
  4. I love that tote!! I just called, but the SA said they aren't any bbags on sale at the moment :sad:
  5. the clous totes are BOTH scratched. Both in the front and the back. There is also a tag that says FINAL SALE, NO RETURNS/NO EXCHANGES so if your thinking about doing a phone order, be forwarned.

    also the two light blue shoulder bags are dry and veiny, but the other blueish color (looks like blue/grey) is nice and smooth, not one vein.

    they also had a large brown whistle bag.
  6. ^can you do phone orders
  7. hmm yeah I'd like to know about phone orders too!
  8. I just ordered the greyish blue one!!!

    THe lady I talked to said there is one lighter blue left.. so yes you can do orders! Its such a great price!!!
  9. Congratulations FijiBuni! I almost got that greyish blue one. I heard another tfper got one of the glacier blue ones. Yes I know that NR can ship anywhere for a very decent amount.
  10. Are you sure you called Nordies Rack not Nordstroms?
  11. When I was talking to the lady that was helping me another lady was on the phone with someone about the clutches so i'm sure it was the other tpfer :smile: It all came out to less than $305 :smile:

    Thanks so much for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Glad they went to my fellow tpfers