Sale at Barneys

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  1. #1 Oct 23, 2012
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    Just FYI Barneys is having a sale on purses October 26 (2012)- 20% off all according to the associate. They are holding a bag for me and will send it to me when the sale starts. Not sure when it ends.
  2. March?
  3. aagh!! sorry i've been catching up on paperwork all evening and left off with march. the sale is october 26 2012 (at least that is when it starts not sure when it ends)
  4. all bags??
  5. What kinda brands?
  6. Is this online or in store only?
  7. The associate I spoke with said it was on all bags in the store. I did this by phone since I can't always get to Dallas conveniently. I don't know if it is going to be on online sales. She called around for a bag for me and is holding it at her store and will contact me on the 26th to ring it up and send it to me. I have a space cleared in my closet for my new Proenza Schouler PS1 in saddle (large). 20% off gave me just the excuse I needed to finally get the bag I wanted.
  8. Would you have a SA to recommend?
  9. I usually work with Catherine at the phoenix location.

    I wonder if balenciaga is included?
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    I spoke with Felicia at the Dallas store and she was very helpful and nice. I was arranging a bag repair with her and enquired about purchasing my next purse. She asked me if I was in a hurry or could I wait a bit and told me about the sale. Did I want her to find and hold it until then? YES! So, even though it's the first time I've worked with her I'd certainly do it again. I was under the impression that all the bags were on sale. I know the Proenza Schouler I'm getting is.