Sale! And it's pink.

  1. NM Charlotte has the wallet on a chain pink with silver h/w for aprox. $780.

    The also have some earrings including the coco bird one and the matching coco bird necklace.

    Ask for Natasha and tell Melisa sent you!
  2. sounds cute, thanks!
  3. I'm tempted to get the necklace
  4. NM Atlanta has the pink caviar bowler on sale. Somebody bought it last week on presale and then didn't come to pick it up today. I THINK it was ~950, but not 100% sure. Today was the trunk show so I was on Chanel overload!!
  5. thanks for posting :flowers: how does a coco bird look like?

  6. It is so cute. Looks like a little penguin and is perched inside a circle with a bow at the top of the circle. I almost bought it, but decided on the pink wallet and a pair of J Brand jeans instead:nuts::nuts: Its super cute though!