1. hi girls!

    hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

    after couple week hiatus, i think im ready for another Chanel! lol....

    i got a gift card to Saks for christmas and i want to apply it to my next Chanel purchase..i remeber reading on the forum that several pp bought Chanel from Saks but when I went to Saks last week, I dont remeber seeing any Chanel counters/boutiques...

    Does anyone have a reliable SA I can order Chanel from at SAKS NYC?
    i want to buy a GST in BEIGE w/ gold hardware....(i was actually debating between the GST and the LV Manhattan GM...but i think im leaning twds the GST..i LOVE Chanel!)

    THANKS IN ADVANCE!! :yes::yes:
  2. yes, I would like to know also, I'm dying to buy the J12 with diamond marker in white.
  3. Ive had really ICKY experiences with the NY SAKS..They were rude at the CHanel area!
    I use Donna At Saks In PA.1-610-667-1550 ext 258
    She can get any bag at any SAKS and is SUPER SWEET!
  4. Jill knows her bag ladies!! :yes:
  5. you can find the j12 at costco too!
  6. what J12 at costco? Is there a price difference?
  7. THANK YOU JILL!!! i will tell Donna u referred me!! much thanks! ;);)
  8. i went to saks last night and yes, the SAs didn't even glance at me. Not once. But they have a pretty decent selection. Better than the selection at bloomies.