miss alice

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May 24, 2006
hi girls!

hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

after couple week hiatus, i think im ready for another Chanel! lol....

i got a gift card to SAKS for christmas and i want to apply it to my next Chanel purchase..i remeber reading on the forum that several pp bought Chanel from Saks but when I went to Saks last week, I dont remeber seeing any Chanel counters/boutiques...

Does anyone have a reliable SA I can order Chanel from at SAKS NYC?
i want to buy a GST in BEIGE w/ gold hardware....(i was actually debating between the GST and the LV Manhattan GM...but i think im leaning twds the GST..i LOVE Chanel!)

THANKS IN ADVANCE!! :yes::yes:
Ive had really ICKY experiences with the NY SAKS..They were rude at the CHanel area!
I use Donna At Saks In PA.1-610-667-1550 ext 258
She can get any bag at any SAKS and is SUPER SWEET!