Saks Fifth Ave, Boca Raton FL inventory!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I was just in Saks and they had a bunch of stuff in.

    * magenta shoulder
    * the pink and green pony hair
    * black mini bowling
    * NEW Okay, I'm not sure now if it was the big bowling or the Afternoon in the new fall Brown, I am definitely leaning towards the Afternoon because it seemed flared at the bottom.
    * Black padded box
    * NEW fall brown Day - gorgeous honey brown colour.
    * 2006 1 Cognac Day
    * 2006 1 Emerald Day
    * 2006 3 Rouge Vif City.
    * 2006 3 Truffle Day
    * Non motorcycle line bags, kind of Twiggy shaped but with a top closure in black and what was close to the Blueberry colour. Very cool.
    * Black weekender
    * Black Twiggy
    * Greige Money

    I forgot something and will be going back to the mall after work, if anyone wants me to check anything out on these, just let me know. I leave work at 4:30pm EST, so just respond before that. I am sure that I can take pictures too if anyone is interested.

    I wish you well,

  2. So they have 3 rouge vif city bags there, *sigh* should I call them or wait it out with BNY?

    Thanks for the info.
  3. Call them immediately!! Get it now :smile:
  4. I just called and the SA told me they don't have any left but she's expecting more in a few days. She took my name and number down. Oh well.
  5. Wow, great report!
  6. yea, when i called them an hour ago they only had one left.. and a customer was already on her way to look at it :Push: . it's okay, our babies are still out there waiting for us :yes:

  7. Yes! :smile:
  8. yeah!!!:yes: :yes:
    If you go back, (and I haven't missed you already) could you look or take a picture of the new 'honey brown' day? I am definitely wanting the day and have been waiting to see the new color for fall / winter. I saw it in the truffle, but I would love to hear your comparison of the two colors..... Thanks a ton for being our "eyes" for the rest of us that live no where near a Balenciaga outlet!!
  9. Bridget, can you comment on how the leather on the black Bowling bag was? Was it thick and non-veiny?
  10. Is there any chance they have any other Magentas hidden back in storage in their store? Can you ask for me? :smile: thanks!
  11. I am sorry for the confusion! I meant that it is year 2006, season 3 (Fall) and then the bag, not that they have 3 of the Rouge Vif!! I will check when I go back to see what they have in the back.

    I don't remember the leather specifically on the black bowling, I will check when I go back.

    I hope the security guard will allow me to take pictures, then I can post them.

    I wish you well,

  12. Fiatflux, I will definitely see if they have a stray Magenta in back. Who knows?

    For everyone who has expressed interest, I will report back what the leather on each bag was like.

    I wish you well,

  13. Hi Ladies,

    The black mini-bowling was lovely, it was distressed, but NOT veiny. The leather felt thicker than the 06 bags that I have. It was smooth too.
    The two Days that they had in the new camel/ light caramel is a beautiful colour! One of them had similar leather to the mini bowling, smooth, thick front, veinier back. The other was opposite, veinier on the front, smoother on the back. The Truffle was very pretty as well. A little veinier than the Day, but not terribly so.
    It *is* an Afternoon, gorgeous leather front and back, smooth, thick, matte. It has two compartments inside, and so kind of an "accordian" of leather on the side to make the two compartments, and that leather on the side was veiny. Quite odd. The colour listed on their tag was TEAK.
    They also had a lovely Truffle City.

    I did ask about the Rouge Vif City and they only got one in, today, and it's gone. The SA had a charge order that if they had two bags, he would have sold it already.

    No Magenta other than the Shoulder.

    I wish you well,

  14. Thanks Bridget! It looks like all the Bowling bags have fabulous leather. *swoon*
  15. How much is the shoulder? Great report Bridgit!!! Thanks!