Saks Event Gift Card ~ Need Answers

  1. Ok so I made a Chanel purchase during EGC (May). How long does it take to receive the Gift Card? My card was not included with item when received. I did contact the SA and she indicated they have to turn receipt in to the finance dept in order to process Gift Card. I'm a bit worried as I want my card. It's worth $350.00 and I could buy more Chanel ... LOL

    Please chime in if you had a similiar experience so that my worries can be put to ease.

  2. My Gift card was with my purchase, one week after the event when I picked it up, do not know if it was there right on that day since I was out of town.
  3. I've always received my card with my bag, even when it came in the mail.
  4. My gift card was sent after my bag. You can always call customer service and see if they can help you. Good luck...
  5. My gift cards were always included with my purchase, but I have heard some people say that they received their cards a week later. I would definitely keep calling and enquiring about your gift card. BTW, you cannot use the gift card for certain purchases such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton handbags - shoes and sunglasses, maybe some accessories, OK, but not handbags.
  6. ^ I have used my EGC towards chanel handbags and no problem.
  7. Thanks Mon,

    I will definitely call tomorrow to check on the status of my gift card. It's going on 3 weeks. Oh gosh time for bed just realized I put May as the month for the event. I actually meant April. As far as using the GC for handbag purchases I was not aware you could not use it towards bags. I was getting jewelry, shoes or sunglasses anyway I think ... LOL

  8. I always do a charge send (none of my Saks carry good bags) and the cards have always been included in the bag.
  9. I'm going to contact customer service today ... thanks for all the help!
  10. When purchasing from Saks New York, the GC is mailed seperately from Saks corporate. I received mine about 2 weeks after I purchased my bags. When purchaseing from my local Saks and having it mailed, it was in the bag. The SA goes to the desk or CS and gets it personally and then packs it with your receipt and bag and then sends it off.

    Regarding using the GC on Chanel and LV:

    I have come to find that this is a Store Manager decision and NOT a Saks corporate policy. My Saks allows the GC to be used for ANY purchase in the store. I use it every time on CHANEL and recently purchased 3 items in the LV boutique DESPITE the back of the card saying you CAN NOT USE IT IN LV. So, contact your Saks and ask what THEIR policy is. I know mine is not the only one that allows this. HTH.
  11. I've always used my gc's for Chanel handbag purchases with no problem.
  12. the NY one is bad. i had to call every week. i called the SA, SA told me to call Customer Service, or vice versa. had to yell at them. then the SA wouldn't even return my calls. mine came almost a month later. all the other saks mail gift card with the bag. i would avoid the NY saks in the future.
  13. Update~

    Last week when I arrived home there was a door tag from FedEx left on my door. I called Fedex to inquire about this package and they were clueless. For one they could not find my tracking number in the system they needed my address, then they went on to tell me how the delivery person probably left the tag on the wrong door so to ignore the tag. Anyways the situation was messy. Today I decided to contact Saks customer service and the package I got the run around about with FedEx was left at my leasing office. I'm excited and can't wait to get this baby in my hands. Thanks all for the great advice!!!!
  14. Also, FYI there is a limited time that you can use them. They expire in either 60 or 90 days (I can't remember which) so always make sure they get the EGC to you ASAP so you don't lose out!
  15. They do expire, but if you're on good terms with your SA they can override the expiration date. Mine does it all the time for me.