Saks ECG

  1. Is July 26 still the confirm date for the Saks ECG event. I need to know for sure please.
  2. I will be talking to SA today and will confirm later!
  3. You read my mind bhurry - I want to get something pricey for DH, this event would come in handy. TIA pursemania for any info!
  4. Yes Damien from Saks PA called me today and mentioned that the EGC event is on the 26th.
  5. this is great- can not wait to find something to buy
  6. It just so happens that my birthday is on the 26th. Hmm, what should I buy...
  7. Ladies, please tell me what is EGC event? Thanks.
  8. ^you spend a certain amount at Saks and they give you a gift card. Denominations are dependent upon how much you spend. For example, you buy a bag for $1000, they give you a $150 card. One day only but you may presell.
  9. What are the next gift cards? Like spend $2000 and get a 200 gift card?
  10. $250 to $499 is $25
    $500 to $999 is $50
    $1000 to $1999 is $150
    $2000 to $2999 is $300
    $3000 or more is $450
  11. what saks in the NY/NJ area has chanel?
  12. SAKS in BALA CYNWYD,PA has CHANEL.Thats where I go from NJ
  13. Saks on Fifth avenue carries Chanel.

  14. What if you spend this amount but you pay some of it with gift card? can you still get the gift card as well?

    Is it valid for all boutique in saks? Including LV?

    What if you buy it over the phone? can you still get the gift card as well?
  15. i was thinking the same thing does it include purchasing LV items?