Saks bow

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  1. This should probably go into the "authenticate this" section, but my camera is broken. I am really stressing out with all this talk about fakes at Saks! I just bought a graphite bow from Saks which I am pretty sure was a return. Now, I checked the zippers and the outside zipper is a RIRI M6, but the inner zipper is Lampo. The tag says Made in Turkey... should I be concerned that the zippers don't match??? I will definitely post pics once my camera is fixed, but for now- could someone help me so that I could stop freaking out?!?! :sad: I should have just kept my old bow!
  2. Don't freak out. The different zippers is fine and the made in Turkey is fine as well. The likelihood of you receiving a fake from Saks is very slight. If you are still concerned, just post in the authentication thread so that we can confirm for you. ;)
  3. Thanks Miu!