Saint Laurent Sac du Jour badly scratched by a cat. Any repair suggestions?

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  1. Hello! My first time posting here.
    My YSL Sac du Jour was badly scratched by my dear cat. Attaching pics below.
    She likes to nap in my closet, and one day she must have liked the smell of the leather and got into it. She got herself stuck in the handle and left these scratches while trying to get out of it.

    I still love my kitty but I've only used this bag a couple times and the damage is pretty bad so I'm pretty devastated :sad: The bag is in smooth leather so the scratches are pretty deep.

    I think I will send this to Leather Surgeon to get it repaired (I already got a quote and they told me that it won't look like a fresh new bag). Would you guys share any other ideas or similar experiences from the past? (before & after pics would be super helpful!)

    IMG_1153.jpg IMG_1154.jpg
  2. Oh no! I have no advice to give, but this is seriously one of my worst nightmares/fears! I have a cat and a dog who are not destructive, and I still try to lock up my bag in my closet or car in fear they might have a bad day! Hoping they can do some great repairs!
  3. Wow! So sorry. Hope the leather doctors are able to work miracles! I've never gotten scratches but I got a thick layer of paint leaning against a (unbeknownst to me) freshly painted wall last week. I was so upset, but thankfully I got it all of myself with nail polish remover and the bag looks good as new.
  4. No alternate solutions for you but wanted to say I’m so sorry this happened.
  5. You can try sending it to the YSL boutique for them to replace the leather but I can tell you it will not be cheap (I was given a quote of a couple of hundreds SGD to replace all 4 of the leather tabs for my Sac Du Jour...)

    They will most likely have to take apart the entire bag, replace the leather, then sew it back again. But this is the best option to not void you against any other repair from YSL in future if you need one.

    Hopefully you get your issue resolved asap!!
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  6. I don't have a solution for you, but I do have cats and understand how this could happen. Needless to say, this is painful to see! Good luck and please post pictures of your bag once YSL has repaired it (in-house repair is probably your best bet)!
  7. If you sew up your own hands, I can advise you this guide . It helped me a lot, especially when I needed to quickly tidy up my bag. My leather sewing machine is singer Heavy Duty 4432, not the best, but for the most simple purposes is enough
  8. Hi, there are some intense scratches. I can imagine how frightened your cat must have been when she got stuck in the handle and tried to get herself out. This type of thing can happen with cat, dogs, kids and even car key scratches. I think you should still send it to the Leather Surgeons because they can get it to at least the best condition possible. You can then condition it yourself regularly. You should keep that bag forever, it will be a great reminder of a shocking incident but also to keep bags out of reach.
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  9. omg Looks like a really bad fight .. so sorry for that. I'm curious to see if there is any hope for this bag at all. good luck!!

  10. Holy */(&!! is your CAT OK? Did she get stuck in the handle with her head? How did you know she got stuck? the poor baby, those are scratches of a terrified, terrified little thing. That OR she just reaally liked the smell of the leather and wanted to dig in - I once had my lambskin leather jacket torn into pieces by a friends cat. It looked like your bag including proper rips - goes to show u that even cute cats can - if they want to - kill other smaller animals if they want to, ha. Luckily, my friends insurance paid for the damageas he had his pets covered by some extra insurance or whatnot.
    back to you: I agree with what someone posted above, maybe, if u are up for it, having the front pannel exchanged at YSL is your best call. The backside doesnt look bad at all and could be left at is and is an easy job for leather surgeons I should think. If you CAN have the front pannel swapped for a new one, it would give u the best result. Scratches can be filled, smoothed over and adjusted in colour but its not gonna be as nice as a new bit of leather. therefore, if iwere u and if YSL can do this kind of repair and if you are picking up money anyway, id get it done properly.

    Dont beat yourself up about it, this happens. Also give a big cuddle to the cat please :biggrin:
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