Saffiano Tote: Double Zip or No Zip...

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I have had my eye on the Saffiano tote for quite a while. I've just been able to get my hands on the double zip (1786) in Gray. I thought I really wanted the double zip because it would hold it's shape better but after seeing the no zip in person and seeing that the base and length is slightly bigger I think I want the no zip instead... I'm not sure if the no-zip I've seen is 1844 or 2275).

    So here's the issue - I had to buy it from Holt Renfrew because I had a stockpile of gift cards that would cover the entire purchase. They had 1 of the double zip in gray but they don't have any without the zip in the colour I want. Should I just keep the double zip because they're so similar or should I return it and wait for the no-zip (even though I have no idea when it'll come in stock).

    Any advice on the zip vs no zip issue would be appreciated! I tend to like big bags so when I saw that the no zip was slightly larger that's what created this uncertainty. Thanks in advance!
  2. Double Zips look better..just my preference :smile:
  3. My preference is for the no zip. I have two BN1844 models and I like the look of the bag better. I do think the one with the zippers has a more structured look and perhaps keeps its shape better. Actually, the one without the zippers in my experience seems to keep its shape fairly well, but it just doesn't look quite as structured as the one with zippers.

    I think you need to choose the one you aesthetically like better. If you like the one with no zippers, wait until that one becomes available.
  4. I prefer double zips
  5. From all my research it seems like the double zip is better because it holds its shape. Because the zipper is not in the middle you still have a lot of space to throw things in, and the two compartments really help you to stay organized. I just ordered the BN2274 in cameo and can't wait!
  6. Personally I prefer no zippers. IMO the double zip made the purse heavier before anything was even put in and I do not carry much in my purse. Overall I just like the look of the 1844.

    In the end, it comes down to your personal preference. Either one you choose, you will have a beautiful bag!
  7. I have the 1844 and love it!
  8. I agree with everyone else. Its a matter of preference. I prefer the zipper in the middle and like the less structured look.
  9. I have the no zip tote in Argilla. Personally, I like the no zip since I already use a bag organizer and that makes it easy to change from one bag to another. I also am able to tote it on my shoulder coz the structure 'gives' in a little. But that's just me.:smile:

    But I think the one with double zips is nice too since you still have that open middle part where you can throw your stuff and have 2 zippered compartments for things you want to keep safe.

  10. Double zips looks better I think. I don't put anything in those compartments, but I just like the look of the zips. The 1786 is quite spacious already.
  11. I have the double zips and I prefer that.
  12. prefer the double zips
  13. I did prefer 1 zip and then I realise the two zip olds it structure better than 1zip. Plus the gold border zip makes it more classier and love how it stand out!
  14. I have the 1786 (double zip) in Argilla. Love this bag. The zips hold the structure of the bag better. The zips look more classy and professional. The zips allow you to store things out of sight. The zips allow one big area in the purse so you can carry larger items.

    That being said it is personal preference.

    I originally bought the bag with zips for structure only. Thought I would never put anything in them. I use them all the time for my iPad, kindle, and wallet.
  15. Double zip