Saffiano or Tessuto nero checkbook wallet?

  1. Hi Ladies!
    Can you help me decide on which material is better or nicer??? The leather or the microfiber???
    Pros and cons???
  2. Anyone please????....:sad:
  3. Definately Saffiano - I have a wallet in the nero and it gets a little grubby - don't get me wrong it is easy to clean but it annoys me!

    I have a key holder in the Saffiano and looks as good as the day I bought it :smile:
  4. I was actually wondering about that.
    Thanks Rachel!!!:flowers:
  5. I always prefer the leather over the tessuto but that's just me...
  6. I love prada's nylon bags.
    But for the wallet it's really better the saffiano leather.
    I's very easy to care of and very resistant.
  7. Thanks for the help ladies!:flowers:
    I will get the Saffiano!:smile:
  8. I have the long Saffiano wallet... it's great and the texture is awesome.