Saffiano Leather vs Tessuto Leather???

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  1. Jill & all,

    I have been bitten by a Prada bug lately. =) I've been looking for black leather wallet and trying to decide between these 2 types of leather.

    Saffiano is textured leather and Tessuto is smooth leather right? Which type is easier to maintain? Is one more expensive than the other?

    Does anyone have M522 Tessuto Wallet (4.5" x 3.75") or M10 Saffiano Wallet (5" x 3.5")? How do you like it ?

    TIA. =)
  2. I am going to order the new brown cervo walet this week..I will let you know what I think of it..I own a nylon one with beads on it..Its my fave wallet..and NOTHINg can ruin it..It holds up great
  3. Thanks Jill, I thought of getting a Nylon one from Prada but decided to go with leather; or should I get a Nylon one to match my frame bag? =) I have a black leather wallet from Cartier, been looking for another black one. =)

    There used to be a Prada boutique in SCP, it's no longer there. =(
  4. [​IMG] this is the one I currently use..its fab!!LOL!
  5. I really like the details -- the beads are so pretty! Is this a checkbook size wallet? It looks pretty big, maybe, it just has lots of CC slots (for NM, Saks, etc.) LOL...

    Before I enlarged the picture, I was wondering what the white rectangular box is. LOL. I love your watermarking!
  6. I have the 4x71/2 Prada saffiano leather zip around wallet. I will use this the rest of my life, it is so wonderful! I've seen it on eluxury or somewhere on line for sale for just over $100.
  7. umm.this thread is over 2 years old.feel free to start a new one...
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