sad...still waiting for my shirise order

  1. sad...debbie told me that my 2 shrugs would be sent out on saturday (the day i purchased), but then somebody told me that UPS doesn't ship out on saturdays, so I thought to myself..."OK, i'll just get my bags on wednesday then instead of tuesday." BUT NO BAGS! :yucky: It's already 5:19 so I doubt they are coming later. :cry: just wanted to whine.
  2. You can call them & ask for the tracking number... I just did.. I thought that I'll get it today too, but it turned out that I'll get it on Friday, since I live in CA so it take a while... I guess...
  3. i live in CA too!!! Yes, I'll call tomorrow to get tracking. FRIDAY! that just depresses me.
  4. yes...friday it is. i just called shirise and they confirmed it. SIGH...=(
  5. yeah... UPS ground takes their time :sad:
    Don't worry, didi, at least when you get them, you'll get two at once! I'm sure it'll make up for the wait ;)
  6. PLease post pics when you receive them.....I love shrugs....
  7. hang in there, 2 more days, definitely post pics when u get them...
  8. thanks for your support guys! I will definitely post pics! AND I am sooooo curious about the trying the rubbing technique to make them into 2004 leather. I will definitely post before-after pics......ohhlala, cornflower and ink, here I come!
  9. my ink shrug is coming today! yay!
  10. ick i have to wait til fri (or even as far as monday!) for my bag from balNY, so i feel your pain!
  11. i don't understand why it's soooooo painful!!!!! I guess I'm obsessed.