1. Would it be very, very wrong to use an Hermes charm/key chain on a Louis Vuitton bag? I'd love to introduce my mom to Hermes (for Mother's Day?) with the Eiffel Tower key chain or perhaps a twilly. is this terrible? would she be frowned on by an SA? here is the LV bag in question, the red epi alma


    tia! i worship at the alter of Hermes.

    also, are the key chains tricky to use? how does the clasp work?
  2. No, not at all! What a good DD you are:heart:
  3. It would be terrible, don't do it - just send me the charm and I'll take care of it! :graucho:

    Seriously, what a lovely lovely thought for your dear mother! Bless you!
  4. Not terrible at all! I think the Eiffle Tower would look lovely on the Alma.

    But there's one thing you need to keep in mind. Once the Hermes bug hits, there's no turning back. Let's hope Mom is prepared!!!!!!
  5. I use my Tiger key chain on my Speedy and Saleya all the time! :yes:
  6. Of course not. Go forward and enjoy.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: A girl after my own heart! LOL!
  8. Hey, its French!
    I say do it!
    You're Mum is in for a surprise!
    I know she'll looooove it!
  9. Not at all. I use my LV Berlingots on my Hermes purses. Mix and match, its so unique you KWIM?
  10. I'm moving my question here. :

    Right now I don't have any hermes bags, and I don't plan on getting one soon, but they have some locks that are just adorable! I was wondering if say... the hippo-lock would fit a speedy or a KEEPALL or similar LV bags? Also does the gold chip easily? I don't have a hermes store nearby so it wouldn't be all that easy to get it "refurbished" right away
  11. I actually bought my hippo lock for my LV Speedy. :yes: He looks great on there and doesn't chip at all. You might want to take him off when you're not using him though because he's heavy and can stretch the leather a little.
  12. Thanks! Then I'll definetly will be getting it! :yahoo:
  13. I think that's a sweet gift Uhkiwi! Your Mom will love it! (and then you'll be DOOMED to gifting her with H for ALL the Holidays :yes: ah, you'll LOVE it!)

    On a personal note: Adore that Red Alma! Just love it! Even my husband likes that bag!
  14. It would look fab!
  15. Mais non, c'est tres agréable!