Sacoche - are they reputable ?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a bag from Sacoche but just wanted to check if they are a reputable company selling authentic Chloe merchandise before I take the plunge. The bag that I want to buy is in the sale so I need to make the purchase quickly, therefore I'd be really grateful for any advice asap from TPF'ers who have traded with Sacoche in the past. Thanks:smile:
  2. Sacoche is listed as the official boutique in the bahrain under

  3. My sister bought 3 bags from them, excellent transactions. Fast, reliable and inexpensive. Probably better than the department stores in the states?:tup:
  4. :heart:Thanks so much for this info and thanks also to the TPF'er that originally posted the thumbnails of the Chloe's in the current Sacoche sale.
  5. Sacoche are definitely an authentic Chloe store, I visit every time I'm in Bahrain. I just wish they still stocked Paddys!
  6. I just bought a quilted Bay from them a couple of weeks ago. They were very responsive and professional in the email exchange and their shipping is fast! And the bag is definitely authentic - I compared it to one at my local NM and it is identical down to the little details.
  7. :heart:Thanks Amy and MiniMouse (that was my parents nickname for me when I was little!)...that's clinched it.I've just ordered a Large Quilted Patent Bay in Noir from Sacoche, so hopefully it won't be too long before I get it:yahoo:.Will post a photo when it shows up:smile:
  8. Please do post pics. when you get it.
  9. i can' t wait to get my bay quilted bag too!!!maybe tomorrow???

  10. You must let us know! Waiting with you!
  11. Will do !:yes:
  12. Flower, which Quilted Bay did you order ? Do post a photo when it arrives.:smile:
  13. Tagullah and Flower71, congratulations, make sure you come back and let us know what you think of your new Chloe's when they arrive.

    For info, Sacoche are now based in the new wing of the Al Aali Mall in Bahrain, it's really quite posh. They are surrounded by fab stores such as Coach, Francesco Biasia, Jean Paul Gautier and Balenciaga, as well as others.
  14. promise, will post pics as soon as i get my bay bag!!why is it taking sooo lonng???
    susieserb: i finally opted for the chataigne one, r u waiting for the epice???

  15. Yes Flower they are holding it for me. I will buy it shortly. I think the color you opted for is truly unique and beautiful. Look on LVR's webpage and you will get a very nice blow up shot of that hue.:yahoo: