Sacha Baron Cohen pips Johnny to Freddie Mercury role


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  1. By - 2 hours 31 minutes ago
    From the distinctive handlebar moustache and tight, chest-baring outfits to their flamboyant style, the similarities between Sacha Baron Cohen's character Borat and the late Freddie Mercury are unmistakable. And the uncanny resemblance between the pair certainly wasn't lost on filmmakers preparing to lens a bio-pic depicting the charismatic Queen frontman's life, resulting in them casting the 35-year-old comic actor in the lead role.

    The man behind Kazakhstan's most controversial journalist apparently beat off competition from his Sweeny Todd co-star Johnny Depp after winning over producers and the rest of the bandmembers. And he's reportedly delighted to be playing the rock legend. "He loves the idea he can get away with playing Freddie after modelling Borat's look on him," according to an insider.
    The new film is just one of several big screen projects set to keep Oscar-nominee Sacha busy in the near future. The funnyman has also signed up for comedy flicks Curly Oxide And Vic Thrill and Dinner For Schmucks, which will start filming later this year.

  2. Wow! I can see Sacha doin OK with this role. He better!
    My BF will be delighted to hear this! He LOVES Queen. He took me to a concert a couple of years ago when the other guy was the lead singer...hmmm...don't remember, but their songs are awesome!
  3. Although I love Johnny Depp, I think Sasha will do a fabulous job. I love love love Queen.
  4. under pressure! whenever i'm in a bad mood or need something upbeat, this is the song i listen too, the one with david bowie!

    i don;t think sacha is a good option though! it's hard for me as i highly adore freddie.