Sac Plat Anyone?

  1. Anyone own this bag? What do you use it for and how do you like it?? Thinking about this bag or the speedy 35....=) Thank you!!
  2. I've got an epi sac plat, I love it but the speedy is a more functional bag
  3. I like the sac plat. I don't have one but plan on getting one someday! I think it's great to hold papers and files and things like that.
  4. ooh so you dont' use it for an everyday sort of bag?
  5. mine's a pm so it's small the bag doesn't open that wide and with it being tall once you get a few things in it's pretty much full, I do use it as an every day bag when I'm looking for a smaller or statement bag
  6. I'd go for the speedy...not a fan of the sac plat.
  7. i like the sac plat- but i don't own one yet. looking for a cerise one. i plan on using it to carry documents. i have a few speedies too, they are great everyday bags, but not too good for carrying files and such.
  8. I think it's a great bag that looks so classy and chic. I want to get one in black Epi one day...
  9. I think it would be great as a know, instead of a briefcase.
  10. i want one either in Epi or Damier (dunno why cost more $ than mono :shrugs:). Btwn the Speedy and Sac Plat, Speedy is by far more function, easy to get in and out of, plus you can zip it for security, yet the Sac Plat is so unique and unisex, certainly makes more statement than speedy.

    As far as which one to get, it really depends on how much you carry, i'd visit the boutique and do a fit test to see how each hold up what you normally carry. Good luck! :flowers:
  11. i dont own one currently but def would like to get one...maybe find a cerises one
  12. The Sac Plat is one of the most sophisticated Louis Vuitton bags IMO. Definitely a must have in Epi and Damier.
  13. It is very thin. I love the loook, but not very practical. Be sure to see one in person before bidding for one on eBay, kwim?
  14. I love the look of the Denim and Cerises Sac Plat, but worry about it's versatility being so skinny and tall. Definitely one for carrying papers and documents, but can you fit everything you need for a day in it? Would it even take a Wapity? Also I don't know if those handles would fit over a shoulder - they look to be the same size as Speedy handles, and those are too tight a squeeze to be comfortable. :shrugs: