Sabrina or Legacy Metallic Mini Drawstring Pouch

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    I picked up a steel Sabrina (smaller size) that caught my eye yesterday (the cherry leather one was also pretty eye-catching). Also, when I went to buy it, the SA discovered that JAX didn't have any to send and it was their last one. I hadn't even planned on purchasing a purse! Honestly, as many Coach bags as I own, all are larger satchel or tote styles and I really liked the idea of downsizing at times. Here's the question...I went online and discovered it in the rose gold color. Conflicted about which would be better (didn't see the rose gold in person). Also, noticed the Legacy Metallic Mini Drawstring Pouch online and it's different from anything else I own. Can only buy one bag, so wondered which you guys would vote for:

    • Sabrina - steel (pix is of lg. size)
    • Sabrina - rose gold
    • Sabrina - cherry
    • Legacy Metallic Mini Drawstring Pouch - blue
    • Legacy Metallic Mini Drawstring Pouch - bronze/tan

    I have really been enjoying reading the threads and posts on this forum. I know your input is worth asking for. Thanks!! :smile:
  2. Sabrina in steel. The rose gold is not as nice in person imo.
  3. Here are my own thought processes, which have more to do with what I think will end up at the outlet and in what condition there. It may not be the same line of thinking for you...

    TBH, I'm not a fan of the Legacy's the same Garcia leather, although the metallic does look a bit thicker and may be like the '08 lotus leather for the bronze color (although this metallic is not weathered). I can deal with the metallic leather, but don't like the trim. The drawstring also looks like a child's bag to me...just proportionately WAY too small for the style IMHO. Although that's my FAV style overall! LOVE the style!! Also to me the trim on these bags look REALLY thin and cheap..again, just a personal opinion. The drawstring is a reasonable price (although maybe not for the size bag), but the totes IMHO are just way overpriced at $800+, especially for the thin cheap looking leather. Anyway, although I like the styles, I decided the Legacy bags would be my "outlet" bags, and I would buy them once they go to the outlet....unless they release something else I'm in love with. The SA I talked to indicated that would probably happen pretty quickly given comments and interest levels. At one boutique I went to, this line was shoved in the corner kind of in the was not prominently displayed.

    So...I would personally stick to a Sabrina, although some of these are also sitting at the outlets. I was offered a couple of them at an outlet a week ago. I would think that the steel one might be difficult to find at the outlet in perfect condition, just because of the way the bags are handled. I don't think metallic wear is an issue so much with this pebble leather, but given time or harsh conditions, it probably would wear off. I think you have a better chance of getting a good one from a boutique...but that's just a gut feeling. I'm sure some of the cherry ones will show up on sale. I still see these in dept stores as well as the boutiques. Although they will probably show up with scratches on the sale tables and outlet. It's hard to condition the scratches out because once it's deep enough, the glaze is scraped off and cannot be replaced by conditioner. However, this will happen with every day use probably anyway. To me this is preferable to metallic issues.

    I'm also not a fan of the rose gold at all. Just don't like that one for some reason, although I like the silver color Sabrina. Also they are both small, which I just can't deal with the small size. So that's a neg. to me. However, if you're looking for the small size, then this is not an issue for you.

    My vote would still be for the steel, though, just for the reasons I mentioned above. However, you have to choose the one YOU like the best and will work best for you. The steel will be more neutral to wear with a lot of outfits, though, if that matters to you.

    Good luck on your decision!
  4. I vote for Steel Sabrina. :yes:
  5. Another vote for steel Sabrina. Remember stock pics from aren't that accurate most times.
  6. I vote for the Steel Sabrina as well (and I'm not being biased because I have it too-:P). I normally don't carry a lot of stuff and the small size is not too small for me at all. It holds a lot more than it looks like it would.

    As baglady said (I have a similar thought process, Baglady although I sure do wish my intuition was 20/20); I think about what items I think will make it to the outlets and then initially focus my attention/money on only those boutique/FP items I don't think will last long (and only w/ the PCE discount- I've never paid PF for anything at a boutique). Other than that, I always wait for things to hit the outlets.

    I don't think the steel Sabrinas (and least in any great numbers nor in great condition) will be making their way to the outlets, which is why I bought mine last fall during one of the PCEs.....

    I'm not crazy about the drawstring bag and although I like the rose gold color, I have not seen it IRL on the Sabrina, so can't really comment on that one; I'm not a 'red' gal, so not fond of the cherry color either (but that's just me....)
    I say hold onto that Steel Sabrina!!
  7. I thought the rosegold Sabrina was pretty, and yes I did see it IRL a couple times at Macy's. But that's just me, though. I haven't gotten a chance to see the Steel one yet. However, I do agree with baglady39 that the silver one is gorgeous. Unfortunately both colors are restricted to the smaller Sabrina's, so unless the small one suits you fine, go for it!

    The drawstring pouches are very cute, the one I saw was in gold with the Coach cursive signature written on it (probably Macy's exclusive). But personally, I would go for any of the Sabrina's. The pouches are very small and carries very little (great for a night out bag, though).

    I wasn't a fan of the Cherry Sabrina when I saw it IRL, though. So yes, pictures are highly deceiving. Don't let the stock photos (or any of the pictures here either), get to you because seeing it in-person is a completely different story.

    Go with your gut feeling / what you love. Best of luck.
  8. I vote either Steel Sabrina or Cherry Sabrina...Both are gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. do a search. there are pictures of these bags floating around this subforum! goodluck!
  10. Thanks for the thoughtful and abundant responses to my inquiry! You have all been helpful in focusing my decision. I am leaning toward my initial inclination which is to keep the steel Sabrina since I was so drawn to it to begin with. Good thoughts about the outlet angle; I don't think it will make it there and I really do like it. I bought a red patent Bleeker Peyton (w/ PCE) because I really wanted a nice red patent bag and I loved that style and deep red color when I saw it pictured on this forum. The SA's at my store didn't even know about it, but did order it for me using the PCE because they found a technicality that kept it from being an exclusion at the time (they are still pretty great SA's). As I said, you all really know your Coach!! I'll keep checking back for additional comments.
  11. ^^ Well, I bought my red patent Peyton on PCE too, but now I have that and the black patent on hold at the outlet for pickup this weekend! Absolutely nothing is sacred anymore with Coach, so you never know what may end up there! The only thing I can say is that I got use out of my red one for a while before it showed up there, so I'm not so angry as if it had just been a month or so. Not sure if I"m going to buy a second red one as a backup or for a friend, but I'm definitely glad I didn't buy the black patent at the boutique! They are around $400 at the outlet. I also have several leather versions, so I'm sure they are next to go. Again, I've had them for a while, and actually my saddle one did originate from the outlet.

    If there's a reason I want to buy it at the boutique, I do, and you can't always count on the bag to end up at your particular outlets. However, most do go there, so it's just a matter of stalking in some cases (which can be a real pain). There have been some steel Sabrina returns already, and I expect to see them at the outlets personally. However, I think it will just be harder to find a perfect one at the outlet. That is frequently the problem with metallic bags unless they keep them in the back. They easily get scuffed up from bad treatment from handling and squashed up on the shelves. I also would want to pick my steel bag in person since there is a difference in texture on these. I like a very pronounced pebble grain.

    Hey, good luck on your decision, and honestly, I would just go with the bag you want the most!
  12. Definitely a Sabrina- the legacy pouches are cute but very small.
    As far as color, I think I like steel the best but would have to know what other bags you have to know what would be most useful for you.
  13. All very good replies ladies and as always great input.

    I think that the steel Sabrina is the keeper bag.
    It is a classic bag in both style and color and it definately the most practical of the choices given (as far as styles)
    ITA that finding another steel one at the outlet will be a long shot and the condition of it would be less than perfect in all liklihood like Baglady mentioned.

    Personally I am :drool: over the Rose Gold Sabrina but I need to see it IRL because it is only available in the small size and that could be the dealbreaker.

    Bottom line is that you will be the one using it so it really is about what bag you feel will fulfill your needs best.
    Good luck deciding!